Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Reader Trips - I got paid by Publix (again!)

OK, so... remember about a month ago I was FREAKING OUT because I lost my coupon clutch. It's not THAT big of deal, my clutch is basically my coupons for THAT trip, the left overs from the last trip (or 3) and the coupons that would make a kick a$$ deal if I come upon them (including all the coupons for FREE products!!) I kinda felt a cleansing by loosing it... I had finally come to terms... and then... Today I totally FOUND my lost clutch! It was in the my coupon file box, go figure.... SOoooo what was this clutch worth?!

3 - Planters flavor grove - 3.19ea - facebook freebie printable (NLA) - FREE
Jell-O temptations - 2.89 - Vocalpoint freebie mailer coupon - FREE
Glade Spring candle - 3.49 - Vocalpoint freebie mailer coupon - FREE
Kraft cheese w/touch of Philly - 3.79 - Vocalpoint freebie mailer coupon - FREE
Silk Chocolate milk - 3.39 - Vocalpoint freebie mailer coupon - FREE
2 Lipton Natural Tea - 1.00 - facebook freebie printable (NLA) - FREE

2 Bayer aspirin - 3.49
-$1.50 printable (NLA)
-$2 PUBLIX Green Adv Ad

2 John Frieda conditioners - 5.49
$5 & $2 oupon from insert (forget which, do a search here)
$3/2 Target printable (NLA?)
$.49 ea

Publix Sour cream - 1.03
Publix milk - 3.39
Bananas - 1.33
Lettuce - 1.69 (omg)

Used - $5/$50 -LAST DAY!!!
Store coupon - 18.00
Vendor coupon - 33.13
Special price savings - 2.04
TOTAL OPP = -.06

So you have your coupon binder, clutch or folder. What is YOURS worth? If you lost it, what could you have saved in the spur of the moment? (BTW, I have a ton more freebie coupons, these just expired 6/30/11)


~Courtney~ said...

Very nice. I tried to find the Lipton at my Publix but I didn't see any. Also they were out of the Bayer Advanced. I'm scared of even leaving my binder in my cart and walking away.

BeaDandelion said...

I was SHOCKED to find the Lipton. It was in a round, waist high bin right next to the register!

The Bayer coupons don't expire for a couple weeks. Get a rain check NOW!

spazzers said...

I got a raincheck for the Bayer and the BOGO Lysol hands free soap. I LOVE my Publix! They even gave me a price adjustment without my receipt because I told the customer service senter that the cashier forgot to ring in the price for a buy one get one coupon.