Saturday, May 29, 2010

Kim Komando - Daily Download

Tools to make home networking easier

Today, almost every home has a computer network. Most of us use Wi-Fi networks. You can have a computer in every room without running miles of wires. And all of your networked computers can work together.

Home networking is really useful. But that doesn't mean it's always easy. In fact, it’s one of the more difficult things in computerdom. Tweaking your home network can be very complicated. You need the right tools to get the job done.

inSSIDer—Setting up a Wi-Fi network isn't too difficult—in theory, at least. But, you may face obstacles getting it to work correctly. Where should you place your router for the best coverage? Are you getting interference from your neighbor's Wi-Fi? This program lets you check all the Wi-Fi networks in your area. This will help you troubleshoot any possible problems. You’ll get the most out of your home network.

RouterPassView—It's important to secure your wireless router. You don't want uninvited guests on your network. You’re on the hook if they do something illegal like download child porn. But locking down your router means one more password to remember. And it's one you likely won't use very often. What do you do if you lose it? This program may be able to help you retrieve it.

OpenDNS—What's Google's Web address? If you said, "" you're close. The actual address your computer needs is something like But you can't be expected to remember that. That's where DNS comes in. It converts the address you know into numbers computers understand. OpenDNS makes this process faster and safer.

Cost: Free
RouterPassView—Windows XP, Vista and 7
inSSIDer—Windows XP, Vista and 7
OpenDNS—Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X


HOT DANG! Oh dang.. not my area, but maybe in yours?!

Free Ink Cartridge Refills at Select Ace Hardware Stores in AL, FL, GA, IL, MI or OK. See if your state and city is doing it HERE!

Thanks freesnatcher

Walgreens - Sunday finds

Tic Tacs are $1.49 Each
Purchase 2 = $2.98
- B1G1 FREE Tic Tac Singles flavors, Any Exc. Multipacks – 05-02-10 RP
 - $.99 Tic Tacs internet Walgreens Coupon (Takes off $1)
Total $.25 each!

Crystal Elements Renuzit $6.99
  -$3/1 Renuzit Crystal Elements Air Freshening Crystals, Any – 05-16-10 RP
- Renuzit Crystal Elements Wags Coupon (takes off $2)
Total = $1.99!

Reader Trips - Prudent picks apart Publix

Saved $124.30, Spent $30.05 = That an 81% Savings!!!
See how she did it HERE

Buy FREE Meat - like Amy does

nono... trust me here... the Coupon Guru Amy herself bought not only meat, but alcohol yesterday with overage she got from couponing. And I KNEW this before she bothered posting bc I called her about my amazing finds at Publix just moments before she posted this.. .check out how she gets meat for free.. I need to learn how to get toilet paper and meat for free.

I heart Amy

Coupons - end of the month

These are still available.. but they WONT be after the first of the month. So print them NOW and HERE

BOGO Vanish
$1/2 Campbell’s Chunky Soup
$1.50 off Minute Maid
$1/2 Hefty One Zip bags
$3 off Huggies – reset for lots of people, worth checking!
$1 off Roman Meal bread
BOGO Fruit Strip
$2/2 Huggies wipes
BOGO Littlest Pet Shop
$1/2 Horizon Organic Eggs
$3/2 Right Guard
$.75 off Huevos de Calidad
$5 off Leapfrog Leapster game
$3 off Elnett
$3 off Benevia
$2 off 4 units of So Delicious
$2 off Wow Wow Wubbzy

Thanks SwagGrabber

Publix - a few extra deals from readers

.. not my readers... but I'll take them when ya find them! (email beadandelion at

But iheartpublix gets a bunch of readers sending in their finds.. granted some of them may be regional deals, still worth looking into. Check these out! HERE
I Heart Publix

Gluten Free - blogging and couponing

SaveAtHomeMommy found a blog for Gluten Free families called Celiac Family.  There are links to quite a few others blogs for a G-free life too!

Thanks Kerri!

Walgreens - Colgate Total Enamel Strenth - MM TODAY ONLY

Rumor has it....

Colgate Total Enamel  Strenth is ringing Buy One Get One Free
Purchase 2  Colgate Total Enamel Strength $x 2.99 B1G1
-(2) $1/1 Colgate total toothpaste, 4.0 oz or larger – All You, April 2010


-(2) -$1/1 Colgate Total Toothpaste “Redeem at Wags”, Diabetes & You Magazine
Pay 99 cents, receive $2RR
FINAL COST $1.01 Money Maker after RR

Thanks Mary!
Be sure to watch the register to make sure yours rings BOGO! 

CVS - Weekly Deals starting Sunday

Extra Care Deals

  • $2 ECB wyb Ban Invisible Solid Deodorant 2.6oz $2.99 Limit 1
    -$1 off Ban Solid SS 4/18 (makes it FREE)
    -.75/1 Ban Deodorant printable (register)
  • $10 ECB wyb $25 Procter & Gamble products listed Limit 1
    Charmin Big Rolls 16pk $9.99
    -.25/1 off Charmin PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -$1 off Charmin “A Year of Savings” PG Mailer
    Duracell AAA, AA 10pk, C, D 4pk, or 9-volt 2 pk Batteries $5.99
    -$1 off Duracell, “What Matters Most” PG Mailer
    Bounty Extra Soft Paper Towels 12pk $12.99
    -.25/1 off Bounty Towels or Napkins PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    Puffs Facial Tissue 99¢
    -.25/3 off Puffs Tissues PG $100 Coupon Book
  • **Deal Idea**
    (2) Charmin 16 rolls $9.99
    (1) Duracell 10pk Batteries $5.99
    (2) -.25/1 Charmin PG 5/02
    Total Due: $24.97
    Get Back: $10 ECB, makes it $5.15 ea
  • $2 ECB wyb CVS/pharmacy Jumbo Pack Diapers or Training Pants $5.99 Limit 1
  • $3 ECB wyb $15 American Greetings Cards Limit 1
  • (excludes boxed and papyrus cards)
    -$1/3 American Greetings Cards printable
  • $1 ECB wyb Hefty Trash Bags 28-80 ct, $6.49 Limit 3
  • $10 ECB wyb (2) Reading Glasses, prices start at $9.99 Limit 2
    (including Sun Readers)
  • $3 ECB wyb Alice in Wonderland DVD $19.99 Limit 5
    (available Tuesday June 1st)
  • $10 ECB wyb $50 iTunes Gift Card Limit 2
  • $10 ECB wyb Neutrogena Clinical, Aveeno Ageless Vitality or Roc Brilliance Limit 1
    -$5 off Neutrogena Clinical March All You, Kroger Home Mailer, printable
    $15 Mail-in-Rebate Neutrogena Clinical
    -$5 off Aveeno Ageless Vitality SS 4/25 (exp 5/31)
    $20 Mail-in-Rebate Aveeno Ageless Vitality (exp 5/31)
  • $5 ECB wyb Gillette ProGlide Power or Manual Razor $9.97 Limit 1 (available 6/03)
  • $5 ECB wyb La Roche-Posay Anthelios Limit 1
  • $5 ECB wyb Rogaine Men’s 5% or Women’s 2% 3pk $39.99 Limit 1
    -$5 off Rogaine February All You Magazine (exp 5/31)
    -$10 off Rogaine 3pk printable
  • $2 ECB wyb (3) Suave Hair Care 9-22.5oz, or Body Wash 12oz, $2 Limit 2
    -.50 off Suave for Men Hair Care Products RP 5/23
    -.75/2 Suave Professional Shampoo or Conditioner RP 5/23
    -.50/2 Suave Styling products RP 5/23
    B2G1 Suave Body Wash products RP 5/23
    -.50/1 Suave Body Wash printable
  • **Deal Idea**
    Buy: (3) Suave Body Wash $2 ea
    B2G1 Suave Body Wash RP 5/23
    (2) -.50/1 Suave Body Wash printable
    Total Due: $3
    Get Back: $2 ECB, makes it 33¢ ea
  • $5 ECB wyb $25 Pampers or Similac products listed Limit 3
    Pampers Wipes 64-77ct. $2.99
    Pampers Baby Dry, Cruisers Diapers 48-96ct. $21.99
    -$1.50 off Pampers PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -$2 off Pampers Diapers AND Pampers Wipes 60ct+ PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    Similac Advance, Go & Grow, Sensitive or Organic 22-23.2oz $21.99
    -$2 off Similac large size powder 23.2oz+ SS 5/09
  • $2 ECB wyb Claritin Children’s 4oz, or Adult 10ct $9.99 Limit 1
    -$2 off Claritin Children’s Non-Drowsy, 4 oz or 10 ct+ SS 5/09, printable
    -$2 off Claritin Non Drowsy, 10ct+ SS 5/09
    (makes it $5.99)
  • $1 ECB wyb Benadryl 20-24ct., Liquid 4oz, Fast Melt 18ct. or Perfect Measure 10ct $4.99 Limit 1
    -$5/2 Zyrtec, Benadryl, Visine, Sudafed PE or Tylenol Sinus RP 4/11
    -$1.50 off Benadryl Perfect Measure printable
    -$1 off Benadryl product RP 4/11, RP 3/14 (exp 5/31) or printable
  • $2 ECB wyb Poise Pads 30-72ct. $11.99 Limit 5
    -$1 off Poise Pads SS 5/16
    -.75/1 off Poise Pads May All You
    -$2 off Poise Product 12-72 ct printable (makes it $7.99)
  • $5 ECB wyb CVS/pharmacy Omeprazole Acid Reducer 42ct. $18.99 Limit 1
  • $5 ECB wyb Bausch & Lomb PreserVision Eye Vitamins 60-240ct. $24.99 Limit 1
  • $2 ECB wyb Scope Mouthwash 1 L or Fixodent 2-2.7oz or 3 pk $3.99 Limit 2
    -.75/1 off Scope PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -.50/1 off Fixodent PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -$1 off Fixodent PG Home Mailer (makes it 99¢)
    -$1.50/2 Fixodent, 1.2 oz PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
  • $2 ECB wyb (2) Pantene Pro-V Hair Care, 1.9-13.5 oz, $3.48 Limit 1
    -$1/2 Pantene product PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -$1 off Pantene Styler, Hairspray or Treatment PG 5/02 (exp 5/31)
    -$1 off Pantene product Parade Magazine 5/23
    -$1.50 off Pantene Product Vocal Point Home Mailer
    (buy 2, use 2 makes it 98¢ ea)

To see the rest of this and the deals that are JUST AS GOOD but wont pay you ECBs, visit SouthernSavers! the coolest thing about her site is that you can make your lists just by clicking the boxes!! Check it out! I make my grocery lists here every week!

Reader Trips - someone else who loves them as much as I do!

Kerri's readers send her their trips with pictures and break downs on how they managed their deals! That was reason number 1 that I subscribed to her emails! I LOVE THEM! MY readers rock too... I just gotta get you gals to take pictures of your savings!

For now, check out Shandi's savings! Ridiculous!!!

ALERT: Fake coupons

So I'm sure you have seen the fake Dorito's coupons.. or heard of them, there are also some fake Pepsi coupons floating around... I can't believe they are STILL around though. My sister emailed me last night to ask if I had seen them. SEEN them, no. HEARD of them, yes. It's kinda interesting because at first glance, they look fine, just ridiculously high values. You can take a look for yourselves at them. Don't try to use them if they come your way, you will look bad and it will likely put a neon sign over your head every time you enter your favorite store with coupons in hand... and no one wants THAT hassle! Right?

Coupons and Food Stamps

Amy has a question.. maybe you can help her out. I am super curious so go HERE and give your advice!

Facebook - STP $2 coupon

STP, maker of auto products, is offering a $2 off ANY STP products coupon on their Facebook page! Rumor has it that STP Gas Treatment is $1.99 at Advance Auto Parts, making it FREE after this coupon. 

thanks MoneySavingMadness

Freebie Roundup

The Prudent Patron has a LONG list of freebies! Seriously I can't even narrow it down so stop by HERE and start filling out forms.

Facebook - Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator - Sample gone/Coupon still good

Sign up to receive a FREE sample of Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator, courtesy of Murad!

Also, head on over and "Like" Murad on Facebook because....there is a pretty cool giveaway that Shelley talks about HERE

Quizno's - New coupons

Quiznos has over 20 tasty menu items under 500 calories, including small subs, Toasty Bullets™, Toasty Torpedoes™, Flatbread Sammies and Savory Soups! With all those delicious options to choose from, you’ll never be bored with a lighter lunch again. Lighten up without losing out! Mmmmm...Quiznos.

Go HERE for a coupon for 50% off choose 2 with the purchase of a regular fountain drink

Nivea happy sensation daily lotion - freebie

Free Sample HERE

Ripped Fuel - Energy Vitamin Sample

Go HERE for a sample

Macy's - getting in on the free panty craze!

I love that I will never have to buy panties again... not with all the deals we keep getting around here!

panty 300x175 Macys: Free Panty
Head on over to Macy’s between May 31 – June 6th and you can score a FREE Panty. GO HERE and bring this coupon.

Thanks, Pirates of the Supermarket

Tropicana Juicy Rewards - problem with addresses

Due to catastrophic server failure during the Deal of the Day on Wednesday, May 26, we were unable to collect your mailing address. In order for you to receive your coupon for a FREE 59 oz. or 64 oz. Tropicana Pure Premium product, we need to collect that information now. Please fill in your details HERE. Your coupon will be mailed to you in 7 – 10 business days.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.
Thank you for participating in Tropicana Juicy Rewards.

Thank you for submitting your address. Your coupon will arrive within 7 – 10 business days.

Bed Bath and Beyond - 20% off coupon

Bed Bath and Beyond has released an internet coupon for 20% off! Click here to print now.

Old Navy - One day left + awesomeness

Old Navy is taking an additional 50% off all clearance items in-store Saturday (5/29).

Combine this $5.00 off $25.00 Purchase Printable Coupon with the clearance sales to get some super CHEAP clothes!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Review Neutrogena UltraSheer Sunblock

From their website:
"Neutrogena UltraSheer® Liquid Daily Sunblock, available in SPF 70 and 55. It's a breakthrough liquid sunblock so lightweight you won't believe it delivers superior sun protection. It's waterproof, sweatproof and won't clog your pores."

Go HERE to sign up

Thanks Shelley!
Shelley's Swag

Kim Komando - Daily Download + iPad giveaway

All your social activity in one program

Social-networking sites are getting better every day. But there's no all-in-one solution yet. So, we end up using several different services. That means lots of jumping between sites. It can be a little tedious.

You use Facebook to keep in touch with friends and family. You share and browse photos on Flickr. And you follow fascinating people on Twitter. Each site does something different. But you don't have to use them separately.

Tweetbookr lets you access all three from one window. Read the latest updates on Facebook and Twitter. Drag and drop photos to upload them to Flickr. You also get options for managing your accounts. However, for fine control, you'll still want to use the sites themselves.

This program even lets your accounts work together. Post updates to Facebook and Twitter simultaneously. You only have to write the post once. Your daily social activities are easier than ever.

Enter to win an Apple iPad!
Have you signed up for ProtectMyID's identity protection service yet? ProtectMyID would like to hear your story. Tell us what sold you on ProtectMyID. Or, tell us what’s holding you back from signing up. You’ll be entered to win a 16GB iPad with 3G, a $629 value! Click here to enter now!

Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7, Mac OS X
Download HERE

Giveaway - $20/$20 Walgreens rebate

Did you miss out on one of these rebate forms? Seriously.. buy beer plus $20 of stuff... get $20 back! We got the highest available rebate form here in Orlando and I am happy to mail them out! See my giveaway! (I spent just over $1 and will be getting my rebate for $20 in a few weeks! See how HERE

Pixie - I am still waiting for your address to mail you one of these rebates! Email me - beadandelion at gmail dot com

Blockbuster Movie Code

YAY! New Movie Codes in time for Friday night... too bad we will be routing for the Magic... I'm such a sports fan. Not. (Do ppl still say "not?")

Mysurvey and Swagbucks

I know I have mentioned this before.

I make money on this blog... not much. Not NEARLY enough to make it worth my time if I was doing this for a living. I blog because it gives me a one stop source for all the deals I want to or have done myself.

However there are a couple things I do that bring in a few small checks with pretty much no effort.

1. MySurvey
2. Swagbucks

Mysurvey is awesome because they send me free stuff all the time. Sometimes it is just normal household stuff like paper towels or toothpaste. First they email me to let me know there is a survey available for me, I fill out a short 2-3 minute survey about a product for 5-15 points, if they like my answers they ask me to do a little longer of a survey for more points (50-75) and then if they think I am a good candidate they ask if they can send me a product to try out and fill out a survey or two afterward for several hundred points. Once I hit 1000 points, I can cash out for a $10 check. Honestly I wish I had taken a picture. I got a $20 check and the next week a $10... its been about 2 weeks and I am about ready to cash out another 2000 points for a $20 check.

Swagbucks is like a search engine... you can use it that was, you can even download a toolbar (I did on my laptop, I wont on my husband's computer though) Almost anytime you search for anything you will be given points to cash out for things like Amazon gift cards and some pretty cool prizes. I have never cashed out simply because I am waiting on a really really great offer. I have about 2000 points, it only takes 450 to get a $5 Amazon gift card. All for doing nothing but what you would regularly do... just on a different engine. My buddy Amy buys all of her Christmas gifts this way!

Either way, neither of these take any time out of my day and both make me a little extra cash. I recommend signing up. And yes, of course... if you sign up under me then I get points for that too, but its nothing compared to the points you will get if you continue with the program.

*Leave a comment and let me know if you have signed up for these yet!*

Publix - Publix: One Stop, One Store (Summer Savings Booklet)

I just found this booklet today at my Publix! Score!!

$2 OFF any Publix Bakery Bread with the purchase of any flavor of Hidden Valley Farmhouse Originals Dressing (exp. 6/27)
$1.50 on Ore-Ida Fries or Tater Tots Potatoes wyb (1) bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup (40oz.+) (exp. 6/30)
$0.55/1 McCormick Grill Mates Blend, Marinade or Spice Rub (exp. 6/30)
$0.55/1 McCormick Perfect Pinch Salad Supreme or Bac’n Pieces (exp. 6/30)
$0.55/1 Lawry’s Seasoning Blend (exp. 6/30)
$1/2 Lawry’s Marinades (exp. 6/30)
$2 OFF (1) Red Baron Pan Pizza AND (1) Pan Pasta (exp. 6/30)
$1/1 Mott’s Medley (Publix Q: exp. 6/21)
$1/1 Hawaiian Punch Lemon Lime Splash (Publix Q: exp. 6/21) -Hubby will love this!
$10/1 Nicorette mini Lozenge, 81ct. or Nicorette gum, 100ct. + (exp. 6/30)
$1/1 Beano Meltaways, 15ct. or Beano Tablets, 12ct+) in select stores (exp. 6/30)
$3/1 Purina Beggin’ Strips Dog Snack, any variety, 25oz. (exp. 6/30)
$2.50/1 Purina T Bonz brand Dog Snack, any variety, 22oz. (exp. 6/30)
$1/2 Lance Sandwich Cracker Homepacks (8ct.) (exp. 6/30)
$1/2 Archway Cookies, Trays or Bags (exp. 6/30)
$1/2 Cape Cod Potato Chips, 8oz.+ (exp. 6/30)
$1/2 Gatorade Recover (Publix Q: exp. 6/21)
$1/3 Propel, 24oz. bottles (Publix Q: exp. 6/21)
$3 OFF any Fresh Meat wyb any Kingsford Charcoal, Kingsford Match Light Charcoal, or Kingsford Competition Briquets, 11.1lb or larger (exp. 6/27)
$1/2 King’s Hawaiian Products, excludes 4-pk rolls (exp. 6/30)

Kay typed it all up! Thanks Kay

Free Bread

If day old bread stores are too expensive for you...

Maybe you live in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Montana or even in Canada? If so, head over here to take a short survey about Silver Hills Sprouted Bread AND just for doing so, they’ll send you a Coupon for a FREE loaf of bread!

Michael's Crafts - American Girl Event - TOMORROW

Head to Michael’s Arts and Craft stores on Saturday 5/29/10 between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. for an American Girl card making activity.

This event is FREE.

More info and this and other events here.

Walgreens - Print for June 20th Money Maker

Ok this is planning ahead if ever there was such a thing

The week of June 20th Renu Contact Solution will be Free After Register Rewards.

Print this $1/1 Printable Coupon from twice before it resets for the month. Then hopefully it will come back and we can print it again.

There is also a $2/1 Printable Coupon available on the Renu Website if you haven’t already printed it.

Thanks Heather

Passion For Savings

Publix - buy theirs, get ours FREE

Produts Included are: Post Honey Bunches Of Oats, Cary’s Sugar Free Syrup, Aunt Jemima Buttermilk Pancake Mix. Buy one or all and and get the matching store brand for FREE.

Coupons you can use for a sweeter deal are:
-$1/1 - Post Cereal Target home mailer
-$1/2 – Post Cereals SS 5/16
-$1/2 – Aunt Jemima Mix or Syrup RP 5/02

Check the front of the store for the display as the items might be slightly different regionally.

Thanks, Southern Savers

Walgreens - May 30th - Money Maker on Ecotrin

There's an upcoming moneymaker Walgreens deal that will begin on May 30th! You will want to print this coupon now so that you don't miss out!!

*Deal Idea*
45ct. Ecotrin - $2
Get back $2 RR WYB 1

Use $2.00/1 coupon from HERE (log in or sign up)
Final Price - FREE! Plus $2 MM!!

Thanks Passion For Savings!

Memorial weekend freebies for the fam

*Military-Active and retired*
WOW!!!! Ok its not just enough for MomsFunMoney to post a few wild deals for the family to do.... she posted by STATE too! No joke. Check this list out!


Target - New Portrait Studio Coupons

OK .. New Mom and all ... using all those free sitting/free 8x10 offers I come across... month 1 we did Sears, month 2 we did Target. And personally, I prefer Target. I just got an email from them with coupons!
Looks like we will be returning. Plus each time you leave from a sitting, you can take an online survey for additional savings. I got a $25 gift certificate off our next session, I can stack that with the free sitting/free 8x10 and get a nice set (i think)

Hellman's - Coupon and Game

Wow! Lots of games for coupons lately! 
Play the "Hellman's Wheel of Real" Instant Sweeps Game and you could instantly win Bobby Flay's Grill It! cookbook, a blender, and even free product coupons (I just won a FREE Hellman's Mayo!!), and enter for the chance to win a Deluxe Gas Grill! While you're there, you can also print a $.75 off coupon for Hellman's Mayo

Benevia - sample pack

Publix had these for mad overage late last year... we still have some and it is wonderful!!!

Get a Free sample pack of BeneVia. The sample pack will include the following:
  • 1 Bottle of BeneVia Heart Health
  • 1 Bottle of BeneVia Strength & Energy
  • 1 Book: The Science of Staying Young (by John Morley)
  • High value Coupons
Go here to request your free sample.

Food Lion - Turn Up The Music Fire Up The Grill Coupon Booklet

Here's the new coupon booklet from Food Lion. All of the details & coupons, are HERE at Kay's place!

Publix Rebate Roundup

Greta over at Friend Family Savings has updated this week’s Publix Rebate Roundup. She has matched up all the current rebates with coupons!

Congratulations to my buddy Shelley!

I love it when a blog I adore is recognized for her awesomeness.
Shelley's Swag
Shelley got recognized:
I was so excited to open my email this morning, and find out that my "Noodle Box" has been featured on Tip Junkie! How exciting! Check out the post here (I'm #17 under Summer Kids Crafts)~
THIS is why you should click on the girls I link to! Shelley has awesome deals DAILY!

Quaker - #1 coupon (and game)

From the website: 

"Spin the wheel to put a little summer in your oatmeal - with a few of your favorite toppings and a little imagination, the possibilities are endless. Come back daily for new, quick, and tasty ideas that’ll give your taste buds a jumpstart. Visit your local Walmart store to check out the cool new packaging and grab some extra special savings on Quaker Oatmeal products."

Click HERE and play the "Take a Summer Spin" game! You can also print a $1 off coupon for Quaker Oatmeal (click on the "Get Special Savings" tab)!

Thanks Shelley
Shelley's Swag

Fridays are Mega Swagbucks days!!!

TODAY You can win from 10 to 1,000 swagbucks just for searching the internet!!!

Mega swagbucks is only on Friday but you can still win $10 - $50 swagbucks any other day!

Not a member of swagbucks? Join HERE (you get 30 swagbucks for registering)

Swagbucks is like a search engine... you can use it that was, you can even download a toolbar (I did on my laptop, I wont on my husband's computer though) Almost anytime you search for anything you will be given points to cash out for things like Amazon gift cards and some pretty cool prizes. I have never cashed out simply because I am waiting on a really really great offer. I have about 2000 points, it only takes 450 to get a $5 Amazon gift card. All for doing nothing but what you would regularly do... just on a different engine.

Publix - Damp Rid for free

Purchase 1 DampRid System $6.99
Purchase 2  DampRid Easy Fill System Refill Packs - $5.39 each
-(3)$3/1 Damp Rid Easy Fill System or Refill – Publix Store coupons from Green Advantage Flyer
-(3) $3/1 Damp Rid Easy Fill System or Refill manufacturer coupons from 05-23-10 SS
Total Cost: FREE plus $0.23 overage(if your store allows)
Funny how I got so excited yesterday over the fact I finally HAD coupons for this stuff... and I'm doubly excited that I had the baby strapped to me and he was ready to get out of there before we searched for it. I might go back tomorrow. 
Thanks Addicted to Saving!!!

CVS - $4/$20 emailed

If you register your Extra Care Card Online and sign up for CVS email offers, you’ll get an exclusive $4 off $20 in-store coupon sent to you via email!Mine came in last night!

Mall Shopping

* Abercrombie & Fitch coupon = 20% off your entire purchase in stores and online (use coupon code 1531) valid through May 31st

* Calvin Klein coupon = Snag 40% off shorts and polos PLUS Preferred Members take an additional 15% off entire purchase May 27th-June 2nd

* Carters coupon = 30% off your purchase of $40 or more valid in store only through June 2nd; Carters is having a Memorial Day sidewalk sale with 60% off sale items so you should be able to snag some great deals!

* Coach coupon = 20% off on everything at Coach Factory Store through June 6th

* Express Coupon = 15% off your purchase valid at Express or Express Men Stores through June 1st; not valid on clearance items

* Juicy Couture coupom = 30% off select Couture Terry styles for Women and Kids online and in store valid through June 3rd

* Lord & Taylor coupon = 20% off sale and clearance merchandise storewide through May 31st; not valid on telephone or internet orders

* Peebles coupon = 25% off any single Item through May 31st; limit one coupon per customer per day

* Yankee Candle coupon = $10 off $25 or more purchase at Yankee Candle Company stores, in the Yankee candle mail order catalog, or at valid through June 26th

* World Market/Cost Plus coupon = Save $5 on your purchase of $15 or more valid through June 6th; one coupon per customer per day and not valid online

* Aeropostale coupon = Save $10 on your purchase of $50 or more through June 6th valid in store only

* Steinmart coupons = Save 20% on one sale item; Take an extra 50% off home clearance items; Take an extra 25% off all red dot clearance valid through May 31st

Thanks, BucktownBargains, SavingAddiction, CouponFinesse, Hip2Save and JessicasCoupons!!

Wholly Guac - $1.50 coupon

Click HERE to print a $1.50 off ANY variety, ANY size Wholly Guacamole, Wholly Salsa, or Wholly Queso coupon! You can print this coupon as much as you like until it expires on 6/5/2010!

Thanks, Savings and Stewardship!

Winn Dixie - Best Deals

Split Chicken Breasts - $1.49/lb
Bing Cherries - $2.99/lb
Fresh Corn - 4/$1
4 Curly's Pulled Pork @ $5.99 BOGO (2 BOGO Qs blinkies I found at Publix) - 4 FREE
2 Lawry's Marinade @ $3.29 BOGO (2 $.50/1 Qs in 5/23 RP or 4/18 RP) - $1.14 each
2 Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce @ $2.59 BOGO (1 $1/2 Q in 5/23 SS) - $.80 each
4 Kraft Salad Dresing @ $3.29 BOGO (4 $.55/1 Qs in 5/2 SS & In ad deal for buy 4, get $3 off your next order) - $.35 each
4 Bird's Eye Steamfresh Vegetables @ $1 each (4 $.50/1 Qs in 5/2 SS) - $.50 each

Thanks Carra and SouthernSavers

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Kim Komando - Daily Download

A slick tool for managing and editing photos

Your hard drive holds more than documents and programs. It contains your most important memories in the form of photos. But finding the photo you want isn't as easy as it should be.

Computers don't organize photos well by themselves. They're just treated like any other file. You need a program that makes those memories more accessible.

Zoner Photo Studio was made for doing just that. It pulls together all your photos regardless of where they're stored. You can edit file names and metadata. You can rate and categorize them any way you'd like.

Management is this program’s strength. But it includes solid photo viewing and editing tools, too. You can improve your photos. Then, show them off to friends and family!  

Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Download HERE

Publix - International Delight

Keep an eye out for BOGO Blinkies on the creamer doors at Publix! IheartPublix has reported seeing them and when you stack 1 BOGO with a .55/1 from the 3/7SS you will get a pint for about .63 cents each!

Walgreens June Coupon Book

All of these are STORE coupons, you can stack them with manufacturer coupons!
  • $.50/1 Maxwell House, Wake Up Roast (34 oz.)
  • $1/2 Oreo Blizzard Creme (10.5 oz.) or Cakesters, (10.56 oz.) or 12 oz or Fudge Cremes, (8.5 oz.)
  • $1/1 Nestle Drumstick Lil Drums (10 pk.)
  • $1/1 The Skinny Cow Chocolate Cone w/Fudge, 4pk, 4oz ea or Vanilla Sandwich (6 pk.) or Truffle Bar (6 pk.)
  • $1/2 Mars Twix, Snickers or M&M Ice Cream (16 oz.)
  • $1/2 Naked Mighty Mango or Protein Zone 1 (5.2 oz.)
  • $1/2 Tropicana Orange Juice (12 oz.)
  • $1/4 Cadbury, Kit Kat or Hershey’s Chocolate Bar (3.5-4.5 oz.)
  • $3/1 Revlon Pedi-Expert (Excludes Pedi-Expert Shower)
  • $3/1 L’Oreal Couleur Experte or Preference Dream Blonde Hair Color
  • $5/1 L’Oreal 24 Hour Lash Boosting Kit
  • $2/1 L’Oreal Double Extend Lash Boosting Serum or Keratin Mascara
  • $1/1 L’Oreal Telescopic Liquid Liner or Mascara
  • $5/1 Maybelline Pulse Mascara
  • $1/1 Maybelline Great Lash, Volume Express or Lash Stiletto mascara
  • $10/1 Rogaine for Men or Women (3 pk.)
  • $10/1 Norelco Body Groomer, 6940 Razor or HS85, HQ55, HQ8 Replacement Heads
  • $5/1 Arm & Hammer Pro Clean Sonic Rechargeable Spinbrush
  • $1/1 Bio-Oil Skin Care (2 oz.)
  • $4/1 Nad’s Natural Hair Removal Gel (6 oz.)
  • $1/1 Hibiciens Skin Cleanser (8 oz.)
  • $.50/1 Aloe Touch Cleansing Cloths (48 pk.)
  • $1/1 OFF! or Raid Products
  • $2/1 Zippo Chrome or Black Matte Lighter
  • $5/1 Kodak Single Use Camera Powerflash (2 pk.) or Max Sport Waterproof
  • $3/1 Kodak 35mm Film (4 pk., 96 exp.)
  • 2/$15.99 In-Store Photo Book up to 12 pages
  • $3/1 Salonpas Pain Relief or Arthritis Relief Patch (5 pk.)
  • $1/1 Beano Meltaways (15 ct.) or Tablets (30 ct.)
  • $1/1 Prevacid 24 Hour (14 ct)
  • $2/1 Benefiber Powder (6.4-16.7 oz.), Chewables (100 ct.) or Stick Pack (28 pk.)
  • $5/1 Os-Cal Calcium Supplement w/ Vitamin D (210 ct.)
  • $2/1 Pepcid AC or Complete (25 or 30 ct.) or Chewable (25 ct.)
  • $2/1 Zyrtec Tablets (14 ct.) or Liquid Gels (12 ct.) or Zyrtec-D (12 ct.)
  • $2/1 Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C & D3 (100 ct.)
  • $2/1 Nature Made Fish Oil with Vitamin D (90 ct.)
  • $2/1 Shiff Mega-D3 (90 ct.)
  • $3/1 One A Day Women’s Prenatal (120 ct.)
  • $2/1 I-Caps Areds Formula Soft Gels (120 ct.)
  • $2/1 Belly Bar Chewable Prenatal Vitamins (60 ct.)
  • $2/1 Lactaid Fast Act (32 ct.)
  • $2/1 Rolaids Soft Chews (24 or 36 ct.)
  • $3/1 Innerglowe Beauty Drink Mix (14 pk.)
  • $2/1 Finest Natural Cranberry Triple Strength Softgels (100 ct.)
  • $2/1 Alive! Men’s or Women’s Energy (50 ct.)
  • $5/1 L’il Critters Gummy Vites (190 ct.)
  • $3/1 Vitafusion Mutli Vites (150 ct.)
  • $3/1 Welless Calcium & Vitamin D (16 oz.)
  • $1/1 Vitafusion Calcium (100 ct.) or Heart One (60 ct.)
  • $8/1 Urinozinc Prostate Welness (90 ct.)
  • $15/1 Real Health Laboratories Prostate Formula (270 ct.)
  • $3/1 Finest Natural Reservatrol (60 ct.)
  • $2/1 Youthforia Anti-Aging, Reservatrol (500 or 250 mg, 60 ct.)
  • $2/1 Rainbow Light Prenatal One or Women’s One Mutli-vitamin (50 ct.)
  • $2/1 Bausch & Lomb PreserVision, Areds 2 Formula soft gels (60 pk.)
  • $2/1 Enzymatic Therapy (3o ct.)
  • $2/1 Natrol Esselence Classics Hair (50 ct.), Skin (30 ct.) or MaquBerry (60 ct.)
  • $15/1 i-flex Joint Relief (120 ct.)
  • $20/1 Focusfactor (60 ct.)
  • $3/1 Colace Stool Softener (30 ct.)
  • $2/1 ActivOn Arthritis or Ultra Strength Joint & Muscle (2 oz.)
  • $2/1 Ivy Block Lotion (4 oz.)
  • $5/1 Little Allergies Allergen Block .1oz or Chloraseptic Allergen Block (.1 oz.)
  • $2/1 Gentle Naturals Tummy Soother (4 oz.), Eczema Baby Wash (5.5 oz.) or Cream (4 oz.)
  • $5/1 Compound W Freeze Off or Palantar (8 pk.)
  • $1/1 Bleedarrest (5 strip)
  • $2/1 Mineral Ice Pain Relieving Gel (8 oz.)
  • $1/1 Azo Cranberry (50 ct.) or Urinary Disk Relief (30 ct.)
  • $5/1 Dexatrim Max Daytime Appetite Control or Complex 7 (60 ct.)
  • $3/1 IntelliGender Gender Prediction Test
  • $2/1 Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move Stimulant Laxative Tea (16 pk.)
  • $2/1 Florastor Probiotic (20 ct.)
  • $2/1 Nepro Vanilla Nutritional Drink (4 pk.)
  • $10/1 Omron Automatic Arm Blood Pressure Montior
  • $2/1 Pill Glide Swallowing Spray Strawberry or Grape (1 oz.)
  • $10/1 Medline Bath Bench
  • $10/1 Medline Raised Toilet Seat w/Arms
  • $10/1 Medline Transfer Bench
  • $5/1 W Listen Up Micro Personal Sound Amplifier
  • $10/1 W Automatic Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor
  • $3/1 W Certainty Guards (52 pk.), Underwear (14–20 pk.), Shields (30 pk.) or Pads (30-72 pk.)
  • $1/2 W Nutritional Drink (6 pk.)
  • $5/1 W Coated Nicotine Gum (40 pk.)
  • $10/1 W Nicotine Gum (160 or 170 ct.) or Lozenges (108 ct.)
  • $4/1 W Probiotic, 5B CFU Tablet (60 ct.) or 20B Capsule (60 ct.)
  • $3/1 Wal-Mucil Fiber (320 ct.) or With Calcium (240 ct.)
  • $2/1 W Heirloom Fashion Eyewear Gold Chain
  • $2/1 Wal-dryl Allergy Mini Tablets (100 ct.)
  • $1/1 Wal-Zyr Children’s Allergy Chewable (12 ct.)
  • $2/1 Wal-Zyr Allergy (14 ct.)
  • $2/1 Wal-Zyr Itch Eye Drops (.17 oz.)
  • $1/1 W Saline Nasal Spray (3 oz.)
  • $2/1 W Triple Blade Shaving System or Cartridges (8 pk.)
Thanks Deal Seeking Mom

Publix - under $1

 The Prudent Patron has put together her list of Publix items under $1. To see the full list, go HERE

48 Deals That You Can Get for Less Than $1, and 18 FREE Deals (free deals are in yellow)!

Buy One Get One Deals for Less $1:

Aunt Jemima Breakfast Entrees, 5.25-6.8 oz box, $1.91
:: $.95 each

Bic Disposable Razors, 3-8 ct pkg, $5.49
$2/1  Bic Soleil
$3/1 SS 5/2 

$1/1s Upromise eCoupon
:: FREE + overage

Bush's Best Baked Beans, 21-28 oz can, $2.43
$1/2 Blinkie
:: $.71 each

Colgate Toothpaste, 8.2 oz tub, $2.99 

$.40/1 SS 5/2 (exp 5/29)
$.50/1 SS 5/23
:: $.99 each

*Cool Whip Whipped Topping, 8 oz bowl, $1.59
Target Printable Coupon (if Target is a competitor)
::$.39 - $.79 each

Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dip, 12 oz tub, $2.00
$.50/1, $1/2 SS 5/16
:: $.75 each

*Kraft or Seven Seas Dressing, 14 or 16 oz bottle, $3.39
$1/1 Printable  (FF) or (IE)
$.55/1, $1/2  SS 5/2 or Printable
$1 off Kraft Dressing, wyb Jell-O Mousse Temptation, Printable (store Q)
Target Printable Coupon (if Target is a competitor)
:: FREE - $.69 each

*Kraft Barbecue Sauce, 16.25 or 18 oz bottle, $1.75
Target Printable Coupon 
(if Target is a competitor):: $.43 each - $.87 each

*Kraft Cheese Singles, 12 oz, at $2.99
$1/1 SS 4/25 

$1/1 Deli Deluxe Printable (if included)
$2 off Italian Bread wyb one Kraft Single, Printable (Publix Q)
::FREE (if buying Italian Bread) - $.49 each

*Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, 5.5-7.3 oz box, $1.37
:: $.68 each

*Kraft Mayonnaise or Miracle Whip Dressing, 30 or 32 oz jar, $5.17
If you chosen the summer sampler with FREE Kraft Mayo, be sure to bring your coupon along to see if the Olive Oil Mayo is included. That would make two free mayos!
::FREE  - $2.58 each

Lawry's 30 Minute Marinade, 12 oz bottle, $2.79
$.50/1 RP 5/23
$1/2 Publix Summer Savings Booklet
:: $.89 each

Luigi's Real Italian Ice, 24 or 36 oz box, $2.99
$.50/1 RP 5/16, 5/2
:: $.99 each

Morningstar Farms Entrees, 5.25-12 oz box, $3.99
$1/1 Printable 

$1/1  Publix Greenwise Magazine (Publix Q)

*Nabisco Oreo Fudge Cremes, 8.5 oz box, Fun Stix, 5 oz box, or Cakesters, 10.56-13.25 oz box,$2.99
Target Printable Coupon(if Target is a competitor) 
 Free Nabisco Cookies wyb Milk and Nabisco Cookies printable (limit reached)
:: $.74 each - $1.49 each

New York Style Bagel Crisps, 5 oz bag, $2.69
$1/1 SS 3/28
:: $.34

*Oscar Mayer Beef Franks, 16 oz pkg, $4.19
$1/2 SS 5/16 or Printable 

B3G1 FREE Target Printable Coupon (if Target is a competitor)
$.54 each - $1.59

*Planters Flavor Grove Almonds or Cashews, 5.75 or 6 oz bag, $2.99
$1/2 SS 4/11
Target Printable Coupon (if Target is a competitor)
 :: $.24 - $.99 each

Planters Regular Mixed Nuts, Cashew Halves, or or Seasoned, 9.25-11.5 oz can, $4.55
$1/2 SS 3/7 (exp. 6/1)
Target Printable Coupon 
 (if Target is a competitor):: $.63 -  $1.77 each

Publix Deli Iced Tea, 1 gal, $2.39
$1 off any deli item of $1 or more
from Publix 2010 Calendar (Starts June 1st, you can only use the coupon once per visit.)
::$.69 each

Publix Deli Southern Style Potato Salad, 16 oz cont, $2.49
$1 off any deli item of $1 or more
from Publix 2010 Calendar (Starts June 1st, you can only use the coupon once per visit.)
::$.74 each

Shedd's Spread Country Crock, $2.09
$.30/1 RP 5/23
:: $.74 each

Uncle Ben's Country Inn Rice, 6 oz box, $2.09
$.75/2 Printable

::$.67 each

Sale Items and Regular Priced for Less Than $1:

Benefiber Stick Pack 6-8ct $3.89
 $2/1 Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q - starts 5/22)
$1/1 SS 4/25
$2/1 Printable  
:: FREE when you use both Qs

Breakstone’s Sour Cream, 16 oz. cup, $.99$.55/1 Printable
:: $.45

Campbell’s Soup, 10.5-11.5 oz., $1
$1/2  Chunky Printable
$.40/4, $.25/4 SS 3/28
$1/2 Printable
::$.50 each wyb 2

Chobani Greek Yogurt, 6 oz. cup, $1
B2G1 Printable
:: $.66 each wyb 3

Ecotrin 24ct $3.49
$5/2 Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q)
$2 /1 Printable
::FREE + overage wyb 2

Fisher Fusion Snacks Regular Price $1.77 (possible unadvertised sale $1.00)
$1.00/1 SS 10/4, 11/15, 12/6, 12/13, 2/8
$.55/1 Upromise eCoupon
::FREE -  $.22

Florida Sweet Corn, $.25 

Iams Premium Cat Food, 3.5 or 4 lb., $5.99
$5/1 Premium Protection Supplement RP 5/16 (if included)
:: $.99

Infusium 23 Hair Care $5.99
Free Conditioner wyb Infusium 23 Shampoo Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q - starts 5/22)
$3/1 SS 5/9
:: FREE when you use both Qs

Large Shrimp Skewers, 2 oz., $1$1 off any meat/seafood item of $1 or more from Publix 2010 Calendar (ex. 5/31)

Muir Glen Tomato Paste  $1.09
 $1/1  Printable
: :Pay $.09

Muir Glen Tomato Sauce, small can $.89
 $1/1  Printable
::FREE + overage  

Nivea Body Wash, 16.9 oz, Gel 8.4 oz, $3.99
$1/1 RP 4/18
$3 /1 Men RP 5/02
$4/1, $2/1 RP 5/02 ($4 Q was regional)
B1G1 May All You Magazine
Noxema Bikini Shaver 3 ct $1.50
$2/1 RP 5/23

Nursery Purified Water, 1 gal, $1
$.55/2 April American Baby Magazine (FREE Subscription)
$.55/2 April Parents
::$.45 each wyb 2

Phazyme 12ct Softgels $3.49
$5/2 Publix Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q)
$2/1 Printable
::Free wyb 2 and use both Qs

Publix Fruit Punch $1.67$1/1 Summer Savings Booklet

Publix Meat or Seafood  $1.00 +
$1 off any meat/seafood item of $1 or more from Publix 2010 Calendar (ex. 5/31)
You can use this on a pre-made package of meat or request the butcher to make a smaller package for you that will be closer to the value of the coupon.
:: FREE (Depending on the size you purchase.)

Publix Old Fashioned Deli Beans, 16 oz., $1.50$1 off any deli item of $1 or more from Publix 2010 Calendar (Starts June 1st, you can only use the coupon once per visit.)

Stayfree Liners 16-24 ct $3.24
 $1/1 SS 4/25 or Printable
$2/1 RP 3/28
 B1G1 Stayfree Liners Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q - starts 5/22)
:: FREE when you use both Qs

Sundown Naturals B6 150 ct. $3.59
$3.00/1 Publix Green Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q - starts 5/22)
$3.00/2 Printable
$1.00/1 RP 3/7, 4/11, 5/23 or Printable
::FREE + possible overage when you use both coupons

Sure Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, 2.6-2.7 oz, $2.39
$1.50/1 SS  5/2
:: $.89

Tornados 3 ct $2.00
$1/1 SS 5/9 or Printable
B1G1 Tornados Printable
::$.50 when you use both Qs

Vivarin 24 ct $3.19
$5/2 Publix Advantage Buy Flyer (store Q)
$2/1 Printable
::Free wyb 2 and use both Qs

Yakisoba, $.79
$1.00/2 SS 3/14
:: $.29 each - $5/$5

Signup for and you get a $5.00 credit for anything!!
 You can also save up to 85% off brands like DKNY, FENDI, ADEE KAYE, AQUA, HERMES Paris, LEVEL 99, Isabella Fiore handbags, Kitson Bags and the best part is the designers change often! Plus it's not just clothes but also jewelry, accessories and home decor!

After signing up, you'll have exclusive access to 36-72 hour sale events of authentic, brand new and hand-picked designer merchandise.

Also, when you get your friend to sign up, you make $15 off their first purchase, $10 when one of their friends do and $5 when one of their friends do

Kraft - Mac & Cheese coupons! (game)

Spin for a Chance to win coupons for Kraft Mac & Cheese products!  The coupons are for:
Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner
Kraft Easy Mac
Kraft Homestyle Deluxe
Refresh your page, try again for more points!

Thanks Jenny

Target - free Listerine whitening

Target has Whitening Listerine on sale/clearance for $1.99 right now.  Print out a $2 off coupon and get it for FREE!

Thanks Shannon!

Winn Dixie - Kraft Dressing Catalina/BOGO

They are BOGO $3.29 this week and there is a catalina deal on them as well:

Buy (2) and get $1 catalina
Buy (3) and get $2 catalina
Buy (4) or more and get $3 catalina

Plus there is a 55¢ coupon in the 5/2 SS

Buy 4 @ $3.29 = $6.58 (after bogo) - $2.20 (4 x 55¢) = $4.38 get $3 catalina

thanks amy

How cute is your kid?

You KNOW I think my kid is cute...
How cute is your kid?
There is a contest going on to get discovered by Top Talent Pros & a chance to win the $25,000 Prize .. just upload a photo HERE

Lots of free coupons

Sign up for P&G Everday Solutions to receive free samples, coupons, and updates from Proctor &
Gamble brand products HERE

Weight Watchers Smart Ones - Freebie coupon

Sign up and get a coupon for a FREE Weight Watchers Smart Ones!

From the website:
"How can we thank you for being a valued customer? As usual, we have lots of great ideas. Join the exclusive group of Real Dish fans, and we'll give you a coupon for a FREE Weight Watchers® Smart Ones® new product."

Thanks Shelley <--- I just love her, have you visited her site yet? DO IT NOW!


**Click HERE to see where this brand is sold!
(Thanks Hip 2 Save!)

$1.00/1 Quaker Instant Oatmeal Coupon (NEW Link!  Scroll down to see coupon!)
Thanks DealFindingChik

$1.00/1 Any Ritz Munchables Product (zip 90210)
(Thanks Steph!)

$3.00/1 Any Adam's Flea & Tick Product (Excluding Collars - PDF - Expires 9/30/10)
(Thanks Tressa!)

Quiznos Coupon:  50% Off Choose 2 with the purchase of a regular fountain drink!  (expires June 6th)
(Thanks Tressa!)

Vanish drop-ins BOGO coupon

 BOGO Coupon for Vanish Drop-ins if it doesn't pop up with your zip code, use 07458.

Winn Dixie - Weekly deals

Buy 16 count Winn Dixie beef patties for $12.99 get the following free!
- Winn Dixie hamburger buns
- Winn Dixie american singles
- Doritos
- 2 liter Coca-Cola product

Weekly Deals:
Curley’s Pulled Pork BOGO $5.99
- Use the BOGO coupons in the blinkie machines
TWO FREE after coupon! –  grabbed a dozen coupons from Publix a few weeks ago!

Premio Italian Sausage BOGO $4.59
- Use the BOGO PRINTABLE coupon
FREE after coupon – Thanks Amy

Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ sauce BOGO $2.59
- Use two $1/1 coupons found in the 05-23-10 SS insert
$.29 each after coupons

Wesson Oil 2/$4 – $2.00 each
- Use the $1/2 coupon found in the All You, April 2010 magazine
$1.50 each after coupon

Oscar Mayer Beef Franks 2/$5 – $2.00 each
- Use the $1/2 PRINTABLE coupon
$1.50 each after coupon wyb 2
Bird’s Eye Steamfresh Veggies 10/$10 – $1.00 each
- Use the $1/3 or $.50/1 coupon found in the 05-02-10 SS insert
$.50 to $.66 each after coupon

Margaret Holmes Vegetables or Seasoned Greens 10/$10 – $1.00 each
- Use the $.35/1 coupon in the 05-23-10 SS insert
$.65 each after coupon

Hunt’s Snack Pudding 4 packs 10/$10 – $1.00 each
- Use the $1/3 coupon found in the All You, April 2010 magazine
$.66 each after coupon wyb 3

McCormicks Grill Mates Marinade 10/$10 – $1.00 each
- Use the $.50/1 coupon found in the 04-18-10 RP insert
$.50 each after coupon

Lawry’s Marinade BOGO $3.29
- Use two $.50/1 coupons found in the 05-23-10 RP insert
$1.14 each after coupon wyb 2

Ritz Munchables BOGO $4.39
- Use two $1/1 coupons found in the 03-28-10 SS or 03-14-10 SS insert
$1.94 each after coupons wyb 2

Kellogg’s Cereal BOGO $4.99

Raisin Bran, Frosted Flakes, Rice Krispies, Special K, Froot Loops, Frosted Mini Wheats
- Use the $1/2 PRINTABLE coupon
$1.99 each after coupon wyb 2

Kraft Salad Dressing BOGO $3.29
- Use two $.55/1 coupons found in the 05-02-10 SS insert
$1.09 each after coupon wyb 2

Hebrew National Beef Franks BOGO $5.29
- Use two $1/1 coupons found in the 05-23-10 SS insert
$1.64 each after coupon wyb 2

Other Deals:
Hormel Pork Loins BOGO $9.99 – $4.99 each
Spareribs $1.99 lb.
Snow Crab Clusters $5.99 lb.
Corn on the cob 4/$1
Cucumbers 2/$1
Cut Seedless Watermelon $.59 lb – mmmmm Watermelon!
Seriously it just isn’t summer without Watermelon!
Watch for the $25 gift card with NEW or transferred prescription coupon in the ad! The NEW part is huge most of these coupons are just for transferred. Hold on to this one in case you need a prescription filled! Exp 6/9/10.

Blue Bell Ice Cream - $1/1

$1/1 Blue Bell Ice Cream coupon - HERE.
You will likely have to register, use a secondary email just in case, but MAKE SURE TO CHECK IT!

Free Ebaying with Lori

One week only! From today 5/26-6/1, get FREE insertion fees for all auction style listings. Limit of 100 listings during promotion period. First picture is FREE too! Details are HERE.

If you're not interested in selling, you might want to look around this week as a buyer. There should be oodles of new listings as a result of this deal! Lori says to just be sure to go with sellers who have a high feedback rating and at least 50 transactions under their belt.

Thanks Lori~

Batteries - coupons and rebate info

Look for specially marked packages of Energizer batteries for a Hollywood Movie Money rebate offer good for free admission to Toy Story 3! Participating products include Energizer MAX AA 10-pk, AA/AAA 12-pk, and AA 20-pk.

Use $1/1 printable coupon HERE and $1/1 Target printable HERE to sweeten the deal!

thanks, Jessica's Coupons!

Reader Trips - Carra's Publix Trip

Carra saved 74% at Publix see how HERE. 
She only spent $17

Huggies - Even More $3 coupons

Rumor has it that the Facebook Huggies fan page has reset it's coupon

Just go here to print $3/1 Huggies Diapers (scroll down and you’ll see the coupon link on the Huggies Facebook wall)! Or try from here. You can print twice per computer!

Huggies - More $3 coupons!

Go to the Target website to print the following:
$3 off HUGGIES® Snug & Dry Diapers
$1 off HUGGIES® Baby Wipes (128 ct. or larger)
$1.50 off on any two HUGGIES® Baby Wipes (64 ct. or larger)
$3 off HUGGIES® Little Movers or Little Snugglers Diapers
Thanks Totally Target

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Giveaway - $20/$20 Walgreens rebate

You know I am trying to win this Greenies contest, right? Well here is a little incentive.

This week at Walgreens there are rebate forms (Expire 5/31/10 - Must be post marked by 6/15/10)

Different states got different values. $15/$20, $10/$20... We got $20/$20. This particular Rebate is valid for AZ, CA, FL, IA, IL, MI, MT, NM, NV, OH, SC, VT, WA and WI.

The deal is that you MUST buy 2 Coors 12 packs or Miller (8.99) PLUS 1 750ml Yellow Tail (5.00). then spend $20 on anything and you will get a $20 rebate!

**Go vote for my dog HERE, then leave me a comment and let me know you voted and (Most important - this will prove you actually voted) what the number is up to when you click on the link, make sure you leave your email address in the comment - Vote often and leave a comment each time!

I will pick a winner each day at 5:00 PM EST for the rest of the week (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
I will email you and get your address to mail it to you... 
A rebate will be mailed out Saturday, you should have it by Tuesday!

Kim Komando - Daily Download

Share Websites with ease

There are plenty of hidden treasures on the Web. You'll find quirky sites and compelling news stories. It’s always fun to stumble across these gems while surfing. But don’t keep all that fun to yourself.

There are dozens of ways to share great finds with others. You can use e-mail, social-networking sites and social-bookmarking services. But accessing any of those takes a little work.

Well, not anymore. Shareaholic puts all of these services at your fingertips. One button connects you to Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and many more popular sites. You can share your finds with friends and the world.

You’ll also get a buzz Status Bar. This is a quick link to the most popular topics online. Shareaholic works with Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Chrome. So, it’s a quality tool for everyone.

Cost: Free
System: Windows XP and Vista, Mac OS X
Download HERE

Winn Dixie - Make a meal

the beef people INTRODUCE holiday cookout make-a-meal
Shoppers Get Four Free Items When They Purchase Winn-Dixie Beef Patties

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (May 26, 2010) — It’s easy to save money this week for a holiday cookout because Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. (NASDAQ: WINN) has introduced its newest Make-A-Meal offer. Shoppers can purchase a box of Winn-Dixie beef patties for $12.99 and receive four complementary cookout items for free using their Customer Reward Card from May 26 through June 1.

With the purchase of one 64-oz., 16-count package of Winn-Dixie beef patties, customers will receive the following items FREE:
·        Winn-Dixie hamburger buns, 11 oz.
·        Winn-Dixie American singles, 12 oz., yellow or white
·        Doritos, 11 – 12 oz.
·         One Coca-Cola product, 2 liters