Friday, August 04, 2017

[Review] Puffy eye solution

Did you get enough sleep last night?
Do you get puffy eyes when you cry?
Do you just need a stress reducer?

I recently was sent these cooling sun-glasses, called FreezeFrames®. And on the first day I tried them out I discovered that they work really well when I am under pressure! There have been a lot of changes in my life lately and the stress has been getting to me like crazy!

The glasses come with 4 pads that you freeze for a few hours and then they magnetically attach to the inside of the frame. You can use them just at your brow or just under your eye, or like me, all at once!

Available exclusively online at FreezeFrames with more styles and colors to debut.

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From the company:

New therapeutic treatment for 'Bad Eye Days' comes in FreezeFrames® Cool Eye Wear ($89.95) providing soothing relief to puffy tired eyes through a never-before-seen unisex sunglass line, the first conceptualized as a dual-purpose device for both 100% UVA-UVB protection and cooling eye therapy.

Resuable Gel-Pads magnetically click into place within the FreezeFrames® casing, and are anatomically engineered to discretely target zone-specific problematic eye areas unlike any other eye care product on the market today.

"Applying ice is easy to do most anywhere on the body except for the one area we need it the most, the eye area,” says LA-based specialty nurse Alison Read who invented FreezeFrames®. Alison works in a specialized surgical role as a Registered Nurse First-Assist (RNFA) alongside some of Beverly Hill’s top surgeons.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon Dr. A. Stone recommends using FreezeFrames® before and after treatments, claiming "Other devices can’t effectively reach the recessed tissues, structures and nerves around the eye that trigger inflammation and pain. But FreezeFrames® do."

Up until now, the only solution for ‘bad eye’ days left you trapped under messy ice packs and dripping compresses, keeping swollen eye sufferers indoors, immobile, out of sight, feeling unattractive and unable to do anything else.

FreezeFrames® naturally, conveniently and discretely solved Alison's own puffy eye problem and is now available to ‘nurse’ yours. Her patented Gel-Pad attachments soothe ‘the puffy and tired’ with gentle cooling compression customary of how a ’nurse’ might apply ice to swollen, symptomatic eyes areas.

Wear after a spa or medical treatment to decrease pain and bruising while also increasing the healing. Use to soothe allergic puffiness, PMS inflammation, computer dry eye strain, or revitalize after a long flight. Helpful also in relieving headache and migraine symptoms. End result: look and feel 'cool' while on-the-go!

Disclaimer: I was sent a pair for free for my honest opinion. And honestly, I really really like them. I only endorse products I have used and love.