Thursday, September 22, 2016

[Review] Skinny & co.

By now you know that coconut oil is all the rage. It conquers any aliment you may have. It sounds like witchcraft and voodoo and all the moms are doing it.

It's true! It is magic

Kidding. It is just nature. When we take our life, health, and nutrition back to the basics we are healthier for it.

​Skinny & co. is doing just that. They have an entire line of amazing products made with coconut oil... and they want me to tell you about it.

Disclaimer: They sent me a whole bunch of products to test out as long as I promised to give my honest opinion. I am not paid for this post, I just got some free things to share. I would never endorse an item I had not tried. And if I did not like something, I would tell you why.

First of all, I love oils. If you know anything about me, you KNOW I am all about essential oils and I use coconut oil every day of my life. So when Skinny Coconut Oil contacted me I was thrilled! These products are handpicked, wild-harvested, 100% pure, cold-pressed, always alkaline, and chemical-free! Yes to all of that, amiright?

While they have more products, they sent me five: Skinny Coconut Oil, Skinny Body Butter, Skinny Facial Oil, Skinny Oil Pulling, and (my favorite) Skinny Sugar Scrub that smells good enough to eat... it is safe enough to.

​Not only is coconut oil moisturizing and healthy for us, it is safe for kids too! Suggestions for adults include: healing balm for stretch marks, and anti-fungal, anti-yeast. For babies and toddlers, use it to sooth skin rash and baby acne, moisturize after bath, calming to help sleep, and can eliminate diaper rash.

If you are an oil-puller, then you know not all oils taste good enough to hold in your mouth for 20 minutes. The Oil Pulling one is infused with peppermint so it feels and smells tropical and fresh... so much better than the sesame oil I had been resorting to using.

This has been my favorite. Skinny Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub. Every time I open the jar, it entices my tastebuds. It seriously the best smelling thing in the world. Ever. If I had to pick one thing to smell the rest of my life. It is Skinny's Sugar Scrub. It is made with only Organic Coconut Sugar and Vanilla Bean. It softens, exfoliates and leaves your skin smelling delicious.

I'm not sure how I hadn't heard of Skinny & co. before, but I will be looking for them now!

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Disclaimer: Once again, all opinions are 100% mine. Except the way the Sugar Scrub smells, that is straight up fact!!! Hahahaha!!! I am lucky enough to try these products for free, I was not monetarily compensated. I am always honest with you guys and if I was not blown away with these items, I would tell you.