Monday, October 10, 2016

[Review] San-J Organic Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce #momsmeet

Gluten free?? I like my Gluten! Gluten hates me though! Gluten free has no taste! Gimme Gluten! You've heard it all before.

And my family doesn't necessarily need to be Gluten free, but why not if it is available where we shop. It's healthier and every little thing I can avoid and it makes my life healthier, then why not?

For people with a Gluten sensitivity, they can have symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, brain fog, low immunity, dental issues, weight issues, intense headaches, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, aches and pains, and fatigue. I am really starting to reconsider getting tested!

I've been trying out these San-J Organic Tamari Gluten Free Sauces and the kids are eating them. That is proof enough that they taste good. And they don't need to know that it is healthy, right? Well if they like the flavor and I tell them it is healthier than some of the other sauces, then they enjoy the fact that not everything that is healthy tastes bad. That is the myth they think and I strive to prove them wrong daily.

With the many varieties of San-J Organic Tamari Sauces, I am choosing a healthier alternative multiple times a week!

Disclaimer: I received these 3 bottles for free to try out on my family and friends. All opinions are mine.