Saturday, July 23, 2016

[Review] Petite Namaste

Move over fancy gauze baby swaddle blanket things!!!

When I told my sister about this review and sent her a link, she basically begged me to let her do the review. Nope! I made her buy her own blanket. And I am really really glad I did. Pretty sure she isn't regretting buying her own too.

This blanket is much bigger than I expected.  It is 42" by 42". I was thinking it was just another swaddling blanket with a pretty pattern. I was wrong. They have pretty patterns, but this is a much bigger and thicker and softer blanket!
 We acquired so many blankets and afghans and knitted things when the kids were first born. They were beautiful and my-hoarder-self can never get rid of them (more sentimental than hoarder... but there are too many). I wish I had had a favorite, gotten 3, moved on, gotten gift cards.

This blanket is amazing. It is 3 layers. I thought that would feel hot. Nope. It is a great lap blanket, but it is not anything like a fleece or the fancy couch thing my MIL crocheted us. Obviously I would use it for a baby... but I would use it after-baby, too.

I'm currently using it! LOL. I am at my desk and it is draped over my legs. It is super soft and not flashy in colors and I keep trying to figure out how it is 3 layers? The fabric is HAND pressed from hand carved blocks. That seems like a lot of work! This blanket is beautiful. The work was clearly worth it.

And I dont want to give it away to an infant. Or my sister. I assume it will end up on my kiddos bed when one of them find it. If that happens, I will have wanted to get the bird print... I was really trying to deter them by getting a grown up print. We shall see.

I am blown away by this blanket. I was thinking it was something for the kids. It might be. They can't have it.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked. 

[Review] YooToo Nursing Bra

Hey, moms! Finding a comfortable way to nurse anytime you want to is not an easy task. I didn't wear a dress for well over 5 years while nursing my kids. No, that isn't true, I wore a dress ONCE. My son was being Christened and I even went out and bought a dress. I wore it about 2 hours. It is beautiful. I can finally wear it again!

I am no longer nursing, but I know a LOT of moms that are so I was thrilled to be asked to review this YOOTOO Nursing Bra!
 There is so much going on when you have a demanding little one ... forget looking attractive. So we give that part up, but we still want our clothes to look good. I tried on this bra (no you don't get a picture) and it was totally un-noticeable or bulky under my shirt or tank top. You'd never know it was a nursing bra. It wasn't bulky.
 The inside of it is virtually not there... so you unsnap and nurse. Not much to move over. And it seems to be durable... it doesn't seem to be cheap material that will stretch out for 18 un-snap and pull-overs a day. My goodness I had hungry babies... always in the 85-95 percentile for size. I am fairly small so this was always baffling and back breaking.
I would wear it even NOT nursing. It feels very supportive and doesn't feel like my normal big box store bras that I usually bought. I'm cheap. But even my nursing bras were pretty expensive. I am sure I would have shelled out the $49 to have had this bra. (gahhh I MUST share this bra with my friend or I can't live with myself. Here is hoping we are the same size)

The support, the coverage, ... probably don't even need the leak-pads (or baby socks... yeah that happened).

I laughed, the recommend 3 bras while nursing. One to wear, one is probably dirty, and one for those accidents... Seems accurate to me.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked. 

[Review] SOZO Monkey Blanket

When I was first asked to review this SOZO Cuddle Mat blanket, I thought, "These might be for infants, not my 4 year old... but I know infants if it doesn't work out for us." FAST FORWARD I am NOT giving this one away. I should say, "My little girl is not letting me give this one away."

 When I told my 4 year old this Monkey Cuddle Mat wasn't hers she told me I was wrong and then laid down and said, "It is as big as me. Mine." Can't argue with that.
 She has one of those fancy dancy cribs that are supposed to last from birth until marriage. I have no idea how to convert it and I haven't looked it up. Same thing happened with my son and I just gave in and got him a twin bed. One day I hope to get a bunk bed for them (can I review one?!!?!?).

When my little one took the Cuddle Mat to bed, it was pretty much the same size as the crib mattress. I know you aren't supposed to have blankets and whatnot in with infants, so this might be a great option for a nice rug for tummy time for your bitty baby.
The backing is really sturdy. It claims to be machine washable, I haven't needed to yet, but I'm certain it would hold up for many many washings. I told my little one that it would be softer to have the fuzzy side on her at night. She finally agreed and began hugging her new friend just after I took this photo. It's also super warm... so if you outgrow tummy time and do use this on your little kids bed, don't do it in July.

In the Summer months, use the loop and hang it on the wall. The backing is thick enough that it wont crumple like a regular blanket would. They also have Terrier and Ladybug Cuddle Mats!

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Heimlich saved her life

I know it has been a while since my last post, but I have been doing the mom-thang and hangin' with my kiddos. Usually at the water park. Busy, fun, tiresome Summertime :)

Please read this post. It was a frightening day. 
I'm a pro. I don't want to be, but I am.

Heimlich. Learn it. If you have ever played with kids, babysat, birthed kids, seen kids in the park, if you know what a kid is... learn it. I have used it no less than 5 times.

Today was the worst one.

I don't let my kids eat in the car, much less candy. I can't turn around to get them if they start coughing without wrecking and killing us all, so no. When my 6 year old handed my 4 year old a hard peppermint on the way out of Vacation Bible School, he asked if they could eat it yet. I told them absolutely not in the car, but if they would wait until the water park, then they could eat it before getting into the water. No complaints at all. They know my rules. They have both also almost died from choking before. The first time was here... AWFUL! Since then we have choked on kale, hotdogs, and clover to name a few. The clover wasn't even my kid, but I snatched him up and somehow got it out. 

We are walking from one side of the water park to the other to get to the wave pool and I am dragging the little one along, trying to keep up with the big one and then the little one STOPS. I look at her and her eyes are drifting off and the hand I had been holding moves to her chest. I tried to get eye contact, but she just kept opening her mouth.

Then I stepped out of my body and watched myself ball up my fist and, since she is so tiny, I had her whole body weight pressing down on my fists while I bounced her especially hard onto my fists. Up and down a full 3 times. I have no idea when I realized what I was doing was actually me and not just me seeing myself do it... I just knew I was doing it... but I felt like I was watching myself. That image is strangely ingrained even though I know it was not a real image.

It felt like an eternity and I didn't know if I was doing it right or not. I just kept wondering why no one was running over to help. I had tunnel vision and I think the 6 year old was walking in circles around us. I looked up to see a table with 3 teenage girls watching... but no adults or (Heaven forbid) lifeguard rushing over.

I later asked my son and he said that no one looked over other than a little girl that was walking by.

I set my baby girl down and turned her towards me, she was still coughing and crying. Thank God she was crying... she was breathing. Cry away. We hugged. I figured it had gone past her windpipe. Then she started gagging again and coughing and I thought for sure it would get caught again. Instead she threw it up into her mouth and I almost lost it again. I reached for it and leaned her forward and then she spit it (and a lot of gunk) into my hand.

Of course the 6 year old old was like, "ew gross... do you see what she just did?" I threw it in the nearby trash and still no one stopped or looked or asked if everything was OK. I must have sat there hugging her for 5 minutes while she wept and tears drizzled down my cheek. I was shaky and suddenly drenched in sweat, but so happy that she was OK. I saved her life. What if I hadn't known what to do or where to press? I wouldn't be sitting right here typing, that is for sure.

This was taken after leaving the wavepool...
so about 45 minutes after nearly dying. 

Kids are terrifying. They are gross, stinky, mean, filter-less, manipulative, part-barbarian, narcissistic, and the most wonderful gift from God. Thanking God extra tonight. 

More resources you should watch and then save:
American Red Cross
How to do INFANT CPR
How to do ADULT CPR
How to do the Heimlich Maneuver on Adults 

Disclaimer: I am not a life saver person. I have no qualifications other than my own life experiences. I am not endorsing anyone or claiming anything. Everything you learn should be from your own research and experience. Learn everything. And the FDA has not said that anything I have said will cure, treat, or prevent anything. All opinions are mine.