Saturday, July 23, 2016

[Review] YooToo Nursing Bra

Hey, moms! Finding a comfortable way to nurse anytime you want to is not an easy task. I didn't wear a dress for well over 5 years while nursing my kids. No, that isn't true, I wore a dress ONCE. My son was being Christened and I even went out and bought a dress. I wore it about 2 hours. It is beautiful. I can finally wear it again!

I am no longer nursing, but I know a LOT of moms that are so I was thrilled to be asked to review this YOOTOO Nursing Bra!
 There is so much going on when you have a demanding little one ... forget looking attractive. So we give that part up, but we still want our clothes to look good. I tried on this bra (no you don't get a picture) and it was totally un-noticeable or bulky under my shirt or tank top. You'd never know it was a nursing bra. It wasn't bulky.
 The inside of it is virtually not there... so you unsnap and nurse. Not much to move over. And it seems to be durable... it doesn't seem to be cheap material that will stretch out for 18 un-snap and pull-overs a day. My goodness I had hungry babies... always in the 85-95 percentile for size. I am fairly small so this was always baffling and back breaking.
I would wear it even NOT nursing. It feels very supportive and doesn't feel like my normal big box store bras that I usually bought. I'm cheap. But even my nursing bras were pretty expensive. I am sure I would have shelled out the $49 to have had this bra. (gahhh I MUST share this bra with my friend or I can't live with myself. Here is hoping we are the same size)

The support, the coverage, ... probably don't even need the leak-pads (or baby socks... yeah that happened).

I laughed, the recommend 3 bras while nursing. One to wear, one is probably dirty, and one for those accidents... Seems accurate to me.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked. 

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