Saturday, August 15, 2015


What is the single worst thing that can happen to you? Paralyzation? Quadriplegia?
Now, if you are a parent, what is the single worst thing that can happen to you?

It has happened to a beloved family in the frugal blog-o-sphere.

You may have seen me link back to Tiffany@MyLitter or Paul@IhearttheMart many times. Last week they lost their oldest daughter, 15 year old Emma, in a tragic tractor accident.

I met Tiffany when she was pregnant with her 7th child and I had just birthed my first. I will never forget the feeling of amazement that she cared enough to just call me on the phone. She was hanging out with her sister who was in labor. At one point she had to jump off the phone, but called me right back. That is how big her heart is, she cares about EVERYONE.

I was equally as thrilled when Paul started blogging at IhearttheMart! If you want to shop for free, then check out his blog. Walmart is the one of the only stores that will give you back change after couponing and getting a cart load for free.

When Tiffany posted about Emma helping to birth a miniature donkey, exactly one week ago, I was excited to hear of many more fantastic adventures Emma was embarking on. I also really wanted to say that I saw a future midwife or vet in her!

I got a facebook notification on Tuesday afternoon that made my heart sink into my stomach and it has returned there many many times since. Tiffany wrote this a few days later:
My perfect 15 year old daughter Emma, was killed on Monday night in a tractor accident at her great-grandmothers house. She was there helping my husbands aunt who was undergoing surgery and was spending 2 weeks helping take care of the ranch and animals. She was so excited. A few days before she was able to help a miniature donkey deliver her baby and Emma was beside herself with joy.
You can read what Tiffany had to say HERE.  And then you have the heartbreak of a father... Paul had to go get Emma and bring her home, to Texas. Before clicking either of those links, please get the tissues out.

The Ivanovskys are both full time frugal bloggers. They do not work outside their homes. They, like me, get paid when you click their links or print coupons from their website. It costs you nothing.

If you have ever had a loved one pass away in another state, you can tack on an additional $13,000 to the funeral expenses just for paperwork and shipping, for lack of a better word :\

As of last night, Tiffany was reaching out to try to figure out a way to cut corners with the expenses. So far they have had to shell out of pocket and put on credit cards about $58,000. Never mind they are grieving... I find that shameful of the funeral business. A family member has set up a gofundme account for Emma Ivanovsky. It hit goals several times in the first 24 hours. None of us knew that the goal should really be 3 or 4 times what it had been finally set as.

Please take a minute and $5 (or more if you can) and support this incredible family. Money should not be the issue.

As a parent I can not fathom having to figure all of these details out. They should be allowed to just sit and cry for a few weeks. Help relieve the financial burden HERE, Thank you <3 Heather

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