Friday, October 01, 2010

FSOT - How to post here

  1. BLOCKING The Moderators - will get you deleted. Period. We are here for you. Any deleting of moderators will result in person being deleted and banned. This is not up for debate. In order for us to do our jobs, we must see your posts.                                                           
  2. NO CAR SEATS, BOOSTERS, BASES - If you see one, "report" it or tag a moderator ASAP.           
  3. NO "Bumping" within 14 days... and really if you bump 47 items all at once, you may just annoy 1386 people (I dont have time for that) Reducing the price within 14 days is fine. If no one is commenting or liking your post, give it the full 14 days. There is a good chance it wasn't seen... or no one wanted it. Don't take offense, just wait the 2 weeks.   
  4. ONLY 5 "Bumps" a day - bumping 45 items in one day really annoys your friends and then we have to hear about it. 
  5. No "EVENTS" - it is too easy for someone to promote their business (ie Tupperware, Thirty-One, Jamberry, etc) with events and you have probably been slammed by the latest trend already anyhow, can you see how it would clog up our board? Just don't. Thanks! Events will be deleted.    
  6. No Garage sales - ever. 
  7. How To Post -USE EXAMPLE!!! **FS - Item - Location - $** PRICE and LOCATION is a must!       PLEASE include FS... if it is FOR SALE. You do NOT have to pick the first replier. If you know someone is reliable and they have replied, you can pick them, PM in private or not, your choice.
  8. Posting and listing as FREE, means your item/items are FREE. If you want to charge, post individually, don't list it as FREE if it is not. 
  9. Searching - Searching for items doesnt always work. Searching for names works. To find your own items, go to your page, click on "View Activity Log" It is a button in your background picture on the right hand side. And blame facebook for the crappy search ability and the creepy way it tracks every motion we make. I have nothing to do with that.
  10. Gauging Interest -  Please do not post items to "gauge interest" of potential buyers.  Just offer it according to the posted guidelines.  If you "gauge interest" and then re-post offering it for sale, that counts as double posting.

         When you post -
               ISO - Play gate
               FREE - Playgate - Forest Hills
               FS - Playgate - $25 - Forest Hills
               FSOT - Playgate - $25 - Forest Hills
               FT - Playgate - $25 - in Forest Hills looking for ___
               FT - Playgate - $25 - in Forest Hills looking for __ willing to travel x miles or meet up

               **And feel free to use OBO (Or Best Offer) FS - Playgate - $25 OBO - Forest Hills

Please use the first part for your ISO/FS/FT/FREE/FSOT, then list the item, the price, the location... and if you can include a picture, please do! INCLUDE INFO ON EACH PICTURE

ISO - In Search Of
FS - For Sale
FT - For Trade
FSOT - For Sale Or Trade

***If you are selling an item and it doesn't meet expectation, or has flaws, please point it out. Most of you do, but if you don't, EXPECT someone to complain. If you are picking up an item and you do not like it, you do not have to buy it. If you do buy it, then you are buying *at your own risk*, the seller might not buy it back from you if you get home and realize it wont work out. Some will, and that is really nice. Some will not and someone/both are going to get pissed off.  
  • Banned Items - Posting these after 9/7/13 could get you deleted and banned
*Used car seats
*Recalled items - with the exception of items that can be "fixed" and links to the manufacturers fix MUST be included!
**Interesting site that lists what each company considers a "VOID" of the warranty of their car seats - 
  • Bumping -
Please wait 2 weeks before "bumping" your items. This gives everyone plenty of time to see your items without seeing them every time the log on. From now on (9/16/13) if an item is "bumped" by the seller/giver within a 14 days, the article may be removed by moderators and not reposted. You may reduce the price earlier than 2 weeks. 
  • Advertising -
Don't. Period. No Etsy, No taking orders for crafts, No local business. None. There are mom's groups listed at the bottom of this you can join and advertise there. Not here. Your post will be tagged for a moderator to delete. 2nd offense gets you banned. Period.

Once item has left your hands, please just post "GONE, or SOLD, or NO LONGER AVAILABLE"

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