Saturday, July 23, 2016

[Review] SOZO Monkey Blanket

When I was first asked to review this SOZO Cuddle Mat blanket, I thought, "These might be for infants, not my 4 year old... but I know infants if it doesn't work out for us." FAST FORWARD I am NOT giving this one away. I should say, "My little girl is not letting me give this one away."

 When I told my 4 year old this Monkey Cuddle Mat wasn't hers she told me I was wrong and then laid down and said, "It is as big as me. Mine." Can't argue with that.
 She has one of those fancy dancy cribs that are supposed to last from birth until marriage. I have no idea how to convert it and I haven't looked it up. Same thing happened with my son and I just gave in and got him a twin bed. One day I hope to get a bunk bed for them (can I review one?!!?!?).

When my little one took the Cuddle Mat to bed, it was pretty much the same size as the crib mattress. I know you aren't supposed to have blankets and whatnot in with infants, so this might be a great option for a nice rug for tummy time for your bitty baby.
The backing is really sturdy. It claims to be machine washable, I haven't needed to yet, but I'm certain it would hold up for many many washings. I told my little one that it would be softer to have the fuzzy side on her at night. She finally agreed and began hugging her new friend just after I took this photo. It's also super warm... so if you outgrow tummy time and do use this on your little kids bed, don't do it in July.

In the Summer months, use the loop and hang it on the wall. The backing is thick enough that it wont crumple like a regular blanket would. They also have Terrier and Ladybug Cuddle Mats!

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked.

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