Friday, May 14, 2010

Mysurvey or Swagbucks?

I know I have mentioned this before.

I make money on this blog... not much. Not NEARLY enough to make it worth my time if I was doing this for a living. I blog because it gives me a one stop source for all the deals I want to or have done myself.

However there are a couple things I do that bring in a few small checks with pretty much no effort.

1. MySurvey
2. Swagbucks

Mysurvey is awesome because they send me free stuff all the time. Sometimes it is just normal household stuff like paper towels or toothpaste. First they email me to let me know there is a survey available for me, I fill out a short 2-3 minute survey about a product for 5-15 points, if they like my answers they ask me to do a little longer of a survey for more points (50-75) and then if they think I am a good candidate they ask if they can send me a product to try out and fill out a survey or two afterward for several hundred points. Once I hit 1000 points, I can cash out for a $10 check. Honestly I wish I had taken a picture. I got a $20 check and the next week a $10... its been about 2 weeks and I am about ready to cash out another 2000 points for a $20 check.

Swagbucks is like a search engine... you can use it that was, you can even download a toolbar (I did on my laptop, I wont on my husband's computer though) Almost anytime you search for anything you will be given points to cash out for things like Amazon gift cards and some pretty cool prizes. I have never cashed out simply because I am waiting on a really really great offer. I have about 2000 points, it only takes 450 to get a $5 Amazon gift card. All for doing nothing but what you would regularly do... just on a different engine. My buddy Amy buys all of her Christmas gifts this way!

Either way, neither of these take any time out of my day and both make me a little extra cash. I recommend signing up. And yes, of course... if you sign up under me then I get points for that too, but its nothing compared to the points you will get if you continue with the program.

*Leave a comment and let me know if you have signed up for these yet!*

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Amanda said...

Cool!! I'm gonna sign up NOW :D