Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kim Komando - She thinks SHE knows couponing. HA!!

Clip coupons online for grocery store savings

You can make do without some things to save money. Groceries aren't one of them. Still, you don't have to pay full price at the grocery store. Clipping coupons is a time-honored tradition. And it's easier than ever online.

Valpak—We've all gotten those packs of coupons in the mail. They likely came from Valpak. You can find those same deals online. You'll find coupons for your favorite brands. The site even gives directions to stores having special sales. Of course, groceries are just the beginning. Valpak also offers coupons for other local products and services.

SmartSource—Here you'll find dozens of printable coupons. You'll have to enter your ZIP code to get started. It will list deals for your area. Select all the coupons you want before printing. You can then print them all in one fell swoop. It couldn't be easier.

Redplum—Redplum will help you stay on budget in a couple of ways. You'll find dozens of coupons for products in any category. You can also get deals at local restaurants. There are even helpful articles for die-hard coupon clippers. Learn advanced tricks like double couponing.—If you’re loyal to a particular brand, you don’t want to settle for an off-brand. Fortunately, it's not just bargain brands that offer coupons. You’ll find deals on the brands you actually use at You can print off tons of them at once. And you can share your finds on Facebook and Twitter.

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