Friday, May 14, 2010

Kim Komando - Daily Download

Manage Firefox tabs in 3-D

What did we do before tabbed browsing? It seems like it's always been around. I keep dozens of tabs open all the time.

Unfortunately, that can get unwieldy after a while. You forget which tabs are which. You have to go hunting through each one.

Now there is a better way to manage tabs in Firefox. You can download the Foxtab extension. It creates a 3-D environment for managing tabs.

You can see a full preview of what each tab contains. And switching between them just takes a flick of the mouse wheel. There are even different 3-D view options that you can choose.

Foxtabs also allows you to set favorite sites to open quickly. Or, you can see recently closed tabs. There is also a handy search tool. Find the tab you need quickly!

Cost: Free
System: Firefox 3
Download HERE

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