Thursday, May 13, 2010

Couponing 101 - for the organized couponer......

..that is not me.

My organization consists of a file drawer... when it gets full, I start at the front and hope to find lots of pages to throw out. Keeping all the inserts also allows me to be able to buy the things I might be able to sell at my next garage sale, but are on sale for free when I use coupons.

Lots of people also use binders. Whoaaaa that is too much organization! I am not cutting anything that is not on sale immediately. However Marleen emailed me last night to share a tip that works for her:
On the coupons that don't exclude travel sizes I putted a color coding label so when i am in the store on the travel size items I can see right away where my coupons are that allow travel sizes . I stick it on the plastic and when I use them I take it off.
In other words... if any size is included, there is a stick tab. This is a great idea! I love to walk through Target, CVS, even Walmart (on those rare occasions) and peak at the travel size items... I should carry a note pad and then return the next day, but again... not that organized. If you are though... this might be a great idea!

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