Saturday, March 17, 2012

Reader Trips - Charlotte Saves $130+ on baby items!

I think Charlotte is stocked up for a while!! All of this would have cost her well over $300 from Target, Babies-r-us and CVS.
We spent 196.00, which is a lot, but we managed to save 132.91. And these are all things we use! To give you an idea the formula alone should have cost us 152.51.
She also wanted me to let you know that Enfamil has a $5 gift card deal wyb 2 @ Target!
She used $5 manufacturer coupons from
And the $2 Target coupons!
She also uses the formula checks they send out!
She told me she never spends more than $12-$13 on a container and they run around $25 EACH!

That is some serious saving there!

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