Saturday, March 17, 2012

I love my Kitchen

I just HAD to share. Sadly we still rent, but with my husband's job we have to stay mobile and can't exactly set down roots just yet. So far we haven't had to go anywhere... but broadcast wont keep you in one place for more than a handful of years.

So my landlord has been talking about redoing the counter tops since we moved in over 2 years ago. It never really bothered us. My mother has never had less than 10 rentals at any given time in my life and I know you don't do huge improvements WHILE you have a tenant renting. But we *are* exceptional tenants, if I must say so myself. And other than normal wear and tear on the carpets thanks to having a cat and a dog, this place has stayed in tip top shape and we LOVE it here!!
So here are the before and after shots! Before being the cream colored counters and the after being the marbled counters... except for the one side counter by the fridge which was a dark color and is now marbled. Aren't the counters lovely?!
I love this house!

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