Monday, November 02, 2009

October Tally

Holy cats! This month was MUCH better than last month!

* Spent - 46.68
* Saved - 87.91
* Spent - 20.11
* Saved - 5.64
* Spent - 275.96
* Saved - 970.59
* Spent - 5.87
* Saved - 31.71
* Spent - 23.64
* Saved - 180.52
* Spent - 12.06
* Saved - 592.91
***I'm not sure I should count $479.94 as they were free Glucose meters I am donating***
****New total saved - 112.97
~~~But damn if I didn't just find an ECB for $6 that expired yesterday. So sad!~~~


TOTAL SAVED: 1869.28
(1869.28 - 479.94 CVS = 1389.34)
 * Not counting the alternate CVS Glucose meters we saved 66% this month on groceries and household products. I have a garage sale on Friday and Saturday to sell all new items. IF I were to sell everything for 1/4th of what they cost over the past 3 months, then I should make $1100. That won't happen, but weirder things have! *

To see the other months tallies you can put TALLY in the search bar or GO HERE


Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

CVS will take expired ECB as long as they are within the same week.

BeaDandelion said...

I think it is actually a Walgreens RR... Do you think they will take those? I was thinking of going back to the nice one on CF/Chic and asking if I could at least get a pack of labels and not even use the whole $6

Anonymous said...

You are selling items you've gotten from walgreens/cvs/grocery stories over the last several months?? or just a yard sale...


BeaDandelion said...

I am selling all the extra items I have accumulate. I am also selling decor from my wedding, toys from my nephew, brand new clothes and furniture, but the majority is stuff I have stocked up on and now have too much of.