Saturday, July 23, 2016

[Review] Petite Namaste

Move over fancy gauze baby swaddle blanket things!!!

When I told my sister about this review and sent her a link, she basically begged me to let her do the review. Nope! I made her buy her own blanket. And I am really really glad I did. Pretty sure she isn't regretting buying her own too.

This blanket is much bigger than I expected.  It is 42" by 42". I was thinking it was just another swaddling blanket with a pretty pattern. I was wrong. They have pretty patterns, but this is a much bigger and thicker and softer blanket!
 We acquired so many blankets and afghans and knitted things when the kids were first born. They were beautiful and my-hoarder-self can never get rid of them (more sentimental than hoarder... but there are too many). I wish I had had a favorite, gotten 3, moved on, gotten gift cards.

This blanket is amazing. It is 3 layers. I thought that would feel hot. Nope. It is a great lap blanket, but it is not anything like a fleece or the fancy couch thing my MIL crocheted us. Obviously I would use it for a baby... but I would use it after-baby, too.

I'm currently using it! LOL. I am at my desk and it is draped over my legs. It is super soft and not flashy in colors and I keep trying to figure out how it is 3 layers? The fabric is HAND pressed from hand carved blocks. That seems like a lot of work! This blanket is beautiful. The work was clearly worth it.

And I dont want to give it away to an infant. Or my sister. I assume it will end up on my kiddos bed when one of them find it. If that happens, I will have wanted to get the bird print... I was really trying to deter them by getting a grown up print. We shall see.

I am blown away by this blanket. I was thinking it was something for the kids. It might be. They can't have it.

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Disclaimer: I received this item for free to review it with my honest opinion. All opinions are 100% mine. I would never endorse a product on my blog that I did not like, without telling you fully why I was not impressed with it. I was given free range to pick the item I wanted to try, so I am only able to speak of the actual item I picked. 

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