Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coupon Fraud - 102

Last week I posted Coupon Fraud - 101. A few days later MojoSavings was talking about it too and listed some pretty great guidelines on how to be aware and avoid them!
  • Simply use the coupons you obtain from your newspaper, manufacturer’s web site, Facebook page or their authorized coupon distributor (all of our resource links are to credible coupon sources).
  • Never pay money for a coupon (coupon books from trusted retailers excluded).
  • Do not download coupons from Internet forums (these could be altered especially if the coupon is in a pdf. or jpg. format – do not use these).
  • Google a deal or coupon if it seems too good to be true.
  • If a friend e-mails you coupons that look unprofessional, especially high value or free product coupons, they may be counterfeit.
  • Most manufacturers follow common sense practices about Internet Print-at-Home Coupons, for example, the coupon itself should not be visible on your computer screen.  A copy of these guidelines is available here.
  • For a copy of guidelines and to see a list of identified fraudulent coupons, go to Coupon Information Center’s website (you will notice that all of these are very high dollar amounts or for free products).
I know I have posted a few PDF coupons, believing they are legit. But I ALWAYS want you to procede with caution using them. You may just find some stores wont take IPCs (Internet Printable Coupons) period.

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