Monday, March 07, 2011

Coupon Fraud - 101

On top of being kind to cashiers... you want to be honest. A bad couponer can ruin it for EVERYONE... and I mean EVERYONE, for the store, the company, the country. Our integrity is vital to being able to use coupons.

Sure, a coupon that you clip from an insert or from a magazine are clearly legit. But we get coupons from printing them too. What's to keep us from copying them and using them?! Other than the promise of a Federal fine, possible jail time and enormous embarassment... not much if the cashier is rushed or not paying attention. Even a printed coupon has safe guards.
Click on the coupon to see the details. Thanks to Jenny for the picture!
If you want more details - Go HERE

Coupon printing sites are safe. I have been using them for years with no spam or spyware. But the risk is sharing those coupons.

Each coupon is printed with codes that can be traced back to YOUR IP address. So if you feel the need to help a buddy out and pass on some printed-out coupons, then mark them with a colored pen.... really! Just write on it "This ink is red"... if they copy it, the ink wont be red, but you could likely fight it in court that you tried to prevent coupon fraud! I dunno, it might not work, but it seems logical to me.


It is not worth the $.75 you are saving to risk thousands in fines.

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