Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Rebates - 101

Ok guys... my 101's are vital to couponing... mostly because I rarely write them myself, but you can find all your questions there. You can always go to my search bar and type in 101.

And I only rarely write them myself because this blog is for ME!! A reference point for me to know what deals I want to do and where to go to do them... and a site to remind me the rules. I use my search bar allllll the time!

So about these rebates. I have a file that I keep in front of my coupon inserts that holds the printed rebates "to do"... and they are scribbled on the date (or a few days earlier bc I know I procrastinate) that they need to be MAILED OUT!

HERE is another way to keep track of your rebates: Thanks Shannon.

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