Thursday, November 21, 2013

[Review] The GirlyGoGarter™

Introducing the The GirlyGoGarter™! While the description below is all about how to go out and wear this to avoid a purse, I find it is much more useful than just that. I wear my baby, one hand free for the toddler to hold and never have to carry a purse with the The GirlyGoGarter™. It is a bit heavy and takes a few times to get used to. Dont wear a tight skirt with it ;-) But it holds tight and the pockets overlap so you dont lose anything.

With NFL stadiums banning handbags and more arena events to follow suit due to today’s security conscious times, what is a girl then to do with her MILK (Money, ID, Lipstick, Keys Plus Phone)?
Here to the rescue for all women of all shapes and sizes, from brides to waitresses, red carpet celebrities to corporate executives, moms on the go to discrete travelers:
A sexy new piece of lingerie called The GirlyGoGarter™, a modern day garter invention that uniquely stashes MILK essentials (plus phone) discreetly hands-free undetected under your outerwear. 

Best feature: it is pick-pocket proof.
At a $29.95 retail price, The GirlyGoGarter™ is changing how women view handbags and how they carry their MILK (plus phone). Product comes in 5 fashion colors with a fit for all sizes, and is now available in over 200 retail stores nationwide with direct purchase on:

These run just under $30 and are well worth it! Not to hang onto a purse, nor lose a toddler = PRICELESS! 

Disclaimer: I received The GirlyGoGarter™ all opinions are 100% my own. 

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