Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our First Igloo

What does a Florida girl do in the snow? Well this one makes rainbow things. That is what food coloring is for, right?

I recruited a dozen neighbors and preschool parents to save me their juice cartons, creamer cartons, broth cartons... basically anything with a waxy or silvery lining. Then I cut off the tops.

A costly lesson - Use scissors and always be mindful. I nearly took my finger off last July while cutting a box lid off with a serrated knife. I went to urgent care using my dōTERRA Geranium oil to stop the bleeding completely, but it still needed to be cleaned and stitched. We just paid off that $225 bill.

When it was finally cold enough to freeze and stay frozen, I lined my kitchen sink with the cartons, dripped food coloring in each and then filled them with water and set them outside. Most of the cartons split along the side, so we couldn't reuse most of them.

This was my second attempt, and knowing that we didn't have many cartons to spare or reuse, I made this one much smaller. Make sure to pack snow around each brick. You may even want to spritz it with water when you are done.
At night if you put a clear light in it, you might see the colors. I put a blue tube light in it and this is what we got.
Yes, our Christmas lights are still up. But they look so cool in snow!

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