Wednesday, December 24, 2014

#LEGO Deals - Girls

I dont know about you, but my 2-year-old daughter will play with any LEGOs her 4 year old brother is playing with at the moment. And both of their sets get mixed up in the long run anyhow. But these little girl characters and their pets are too darn cute!!

*NOTE - Most if not all of these will be FREE SHIPPING on orders over $35.
**ALSO - Amazon prices can change at any time and the prices marked might not be the lowest available!
LEGO Friends - Sunshine Harvest - $14 (Save 30%)
  • Features a tractor with a trailer, a fruit stand with cash register, fruit, cake, a tree with apples, a garden patch with vegetables, a cute dog house
  • Plant tasty vegetables in the garden; Drive the tractor into position and load up the fruit and vegetables; Have fun playing with Charlie the dog
LEGO Friends Olivia's Ice Cream Bike - $9.76
  • Includes Olivia mini-doll figure Features an Ice Cream Bike, fountain, picnic table with bench and a mailbox
  • Ice Cream Bike features a detachable ice cream stand, turning wheels, an ice box with opening lid and a parasol
  • Accessories include ice cream cones, Italian ice cream in strawberry and chocolate flavors, an ice pop, water bottle, coins and a letter

LEGO Friends Andrea's Mountain Hut - $9.99
  • Includes Andrea mini-doll figure Features a mountain hut, campfire and a squirrel Mountain hut features opening windows and a camp bed
  • Accessories include a camera, map, lantern, cup, pan with water, marshmallow on a stick and flowers
  • Combine with 41034 Summer Caravan for an even cooler camping scene
LEGO Friends Summer Caravan - $29.99
  • Includes Olivia and Joanna mini-doll figures Accessories include some cooking tools, cutlery, plates, MP3 player, parasol and sunscreen
  • Features a caravan, car, camping stove, table and chairs and a hedgehog All pieces pack neatly inside the caravan
  • Caravan connects to the car and features rolling wheels, 2 beds with storage underneath, shower, sink, mixer, opening door and a lantern
 Lego Friends Summer Picnic - $7.99

LEGO Friends Mia's Lemonade Stand - $17.81
  • Includes Mia minidoll figure; Features Lemonade Stand with a juice squeezer, lemonade and chair; Scooter features mint-green color and turning wheels
  • Accessories include a helmet, plate with cookies, glasses, a jar for the lemonade, money and pretty flowers
LEGO Friends Stephanie's Bakery Stand - $9.49
LEGO Friends Stephanie's New Born Lamb - $10.97

  • Includes Stephanie mini-doll figure and her lamb; Features a cute little house with a bed, cupboard, stool and a bathtub with tap
  • Accessories include 2 rosettes, milk bottles and everything you need for grooming the lamb
LEGO Friends Stephanies Mailbox - $8.95
Lego Friends Emma's Flower Stand - $9.96

Lego FRIENDS Birthday Party - $8.50
LEGO Friends Emma's Lifeguard Post - $9.59
  • Features lifeguard post with green and red flags, flag post and a first aid kit
  • Accessories include binoculars, rescue can, orange swim flippers, sandcastle with pink parasol and a red bucket

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