Friday, February 26, 2010

Kim Komando - Daily Download

Turn your computer into a teleprompter

The introduction of YouTube launched the era of amateur Web video. A computer with a Webcam is now your ticket to Internet stardom. You just have to be better than millions of other people.

Believe it or not, rules of quality still apply on the Internet. Presentation is a large part of success. Good content helps, too, but presentation is the main thing.

As we've learned from our president, teleprompters help spoken presentation. Turn your computer into a teleprompter with TeleKast. This free program allows you to create and segment scripts. Print them out or display them in real-time.

There are some limitations. For example, it can't display mirror images, yet. This means it won't replace professional teleprompter software. However, it will be perfect for home and budget use.

Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Download HERE

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