Thursday, March 19, 2015

Redbox - Movie Code Roundup

I'm so spoiled... We rarely pay for movies anymore. I dont remember the last time we did.

Ongoing codes:

  • NEW use code 678GHGH1 at the kiosk or online for a free rental or $1.50 off a Blu-Ray or game rental.
  • NEW text MOVIE to 727272 through 3/15 for a free rental (good for one week from the day received).
  • Use text code SHOPPERS, MOVIE TIME, or DEAL to 727272 to get a unique code for a free rental!
  • Text the word MOVIENIGHT to 727272 for a free rental code.  The code is good for one week!
Text Codes
  • Text the word EMAIL to 727272 to receive a free rental code.  Follow the instructions.
More Redbox Codes
These codes may still be working... but I have not had luck.
  • REDBOX – new customers only
  • RENTONME (ongoing)
  • BREAKROOM (ongoing)
Thanks MoneySavingMadness!

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