Saturday, December 20, 2014

Beados Quick Dry Design Station

I remember these as a child! But we had to use wax paper and an iron... it was exciting when the clearish colored ones were introduced. I have no idea how many sun catchers we made... but if I recall correctly, it lasted for years!
Beados Quick Dry Design Station - $15.97 (reg $24.99)
  • The Beados? Quick Dry Design Station is an all in one station for you to make, spray and dry your Beados? designs!
  • With a quick dry fan
  • to dry your Beados? in half the time, lots of bead pod storage, a
  • design tray, scoop pen and 500 Beados? included. Make a world out of
  • Beados? with the Quick Dry Design Station!
  • Imagination comes to life as kids can play and display their characters

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