Friday, April 13, 2012

Orlando Sentinel - 52 weeks for $25

For a VERY limited time you can get a sweet deal on the Orlando Sentinel!!! Total for 52 weeks (Wednesday/Friday/Sunday) for $25!!!

This is the best price I have ever seen and I know we will never see it again! This is a price you will want to renew for!

$25 for 52 weeks
3 papers a week
$.48 a week
Total - $.16 PER PAPER!
+ call and get the El Sentinel added for FREE!

Go HERE 4 subscriptions per household... but if you are really wanting to stock up on coupons, you can order them for your neighbors too!

Make sure to share this link with your friends so that I get am credited for spreading the news!

*You can order 2 subscriptions of this deal. But in total you can have up to 4 subscriptions delivered to your house. I only have 2 going to my house and 2 going to my neighbors, so I am ordering 2 more to my house!!! 


suoicerp21 said...

Awesome and perfect timing! I just cancelled my other subscription since the rate went up. When I called to cancel, they told me the $7.xx for five weeks was the best rate they currently have. BS!!

BeaDandelion said...

Yeah, I can always get you a better deal. Its like a car dealership. Dont bother to haggle with someone on the floor. ;-)

Remember, you can get 2 subscriptions with this deal, but you can have 4 total.

I like to have an even number for all the BOGO deals!