Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Publix - OLAY and Covergirl Rebate and Freebies and Money Makers

My sister and I have been tossing this back and forth all week... We THINK we have it figured out. It seems to be working for us, but we are still looking for the elusive "spend $25 on P&G get pinkware" rebate. However if you spend $50 in P&G items you can get a $10 rebate instead. Even better, there is a $10 rebate wyb $30 in Olay. So many choices!

The Olay wipes are only on sale $3 off through Wednesday (for our stores) the cheapest ones are $6.99, or $3.99 after the sale (Of which I got rainchecks for) then there was a $10/2 Olay coupon in the 9/25 RP. Money Maker of $1 EACH.

The coupon states: TWO Olay pro-x, regenerist, total effects facial moisturizer or NEW smooth finish facial hair removal Duo (excludes pro-x cleansing device and refills and trial sizes)
*It doesn't exclude wipes... just some device. Correct me if I am wrong.

Then in the 10/2 PG there is a $8/2 Covergirl face product.... which can be anything from the foam wedges you use on your face to the single colored eye shadows that are only $2.99. Money Maker of $1 EACH.

Each coupon states - Limit 4 like coupons.

So I think I will do this:
8 Covergirl - $2.99x8 = 23.92
4 - $8/2
8 Olay - $6.99x8 = 55.92
4 - $10/2
Total - $16 Money Maker
Submit for rebate = $26 Money Maker!

Forget the pinkware.. if you didnt get the rebate in you 10/2 P&G insert, you can NOT print it online or make copies. Period.


spazzers said...

Have you seen this?

BeaDandelion said...

yes. Have you seen this - http://beadandelion.blogspot.com/2011/10/pinkware-rebate.html

They changed their minds I guess.

I texted you back last night