Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Coupon Sites - 101

Have you seen the bar on the left hand side of my blog? There is a section that says "favorite coupon sites." Of course you know Redplum and Coupons .com and Smartsource.... but do you know CoolSavings?

Sign up for CoolSavings and start saving with over $50 in grocery coupons, 200+ online discounts from your favorite retailers, helpful savings tips, and much more. I signed up with my personal email address and I do not get spam! Not to worry, you can always find the link right here on my blog if you forget it!

*Did you notice that the links are NOT just "coupons dot com" and "red plum dot com?" That is because they are my affiliates. I get a few pennies each time you click on those links and a few more pennies when you actually sign up for them. I will never send you spam sites. I do all the deals I post, unless otherwise stated. But it is nice to get a small check a few times a year. I take a LOT of time on this blog and I would LOVE your support.

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