Sunday, February 28, 2016


You know when they say "I just can't adult today" ? I think that is a new thing. I am trying my hardest to keep busy "adulting" and getting back into the swing of life.

My grandmother passed away last Monday night. I got the call at 8:02pm. I will write more about it later, maybe. But my family has spent the last 6 days in a car... well 4 days in a car, 1 day at a funeral, and 1 day visiting with my other 2 grandparents. I am exhausted. Taking a break from unpacking, doing dishes, laundry, going through things I brought home of hers, and splitting up fights between the kids... so I sat down at the computer (with a beer at 3:45) to finally check emails and update the few of you still hanging out over here.

I will get back into the swing of things in my adulting life... but today is not the day. Today I am just going to try to be present.

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