Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Reader Trip - I bought Organics for FREE

Who says you can't eat healthy with coupons? 

... okok not FREE... I paid $.49, but that is only because I wanted a more expensive sauce that I hadnt tried.
We have this amazing store front co-op here in Pittsburgh. They buy as much as they can locally and their bulk section is to die for! If you like Kefir, there is a pure sugar cane juice sugar that will make your kefir grow so much and so sweet that you wont be able to keep up with it. #TrueStory. I couldnt give enough of it away fast enough. They also sell raw milk, dairy free pizza, herbs, you name it. I feel like I am in a fancy dancy hippie commune when I walk in there. And while the prices arent always "cheap" ... in walks a couponer. Thank goodness they take coupons!

My dairy-free son got to eat pizza for the first time in 3 years last week... for free.

All of my "free product" coupons are ones I have posted here on my blog :) I post a TON of links to get ORGANIC food for a reduced price. It's not impossible to eat healthy, on a budget, with coupons. Stick with me and follow my lead and I will make sure you get the right coupons too!

If you have an outstanding shopping trip you want me to share, leave a comment or email me at BeaDandelion at gmail dot com.

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