Thursday, April 09, 2015

Hooked on Phonics’ App - FREE

Got a kindergartener next Fall? I do!
Hooked on Phonics’ The Big Reading Show is an exciting musical extravaganza. It’s also a Kindergarten-readiness learning program designed to focus systematically on a wide range of Foundational Reading Skills
  • Every episode is a preschool topic adventure that highlights two letters of the alphabet. The adventures then present words—some simple and some advanced—that begin with these letters within the context of a musical variety show 
  • The episode’s interactive games further explore letter names, letter sounds, rhyming, tracing and other Foundational Skills children need in order to be Kindergarten-ready. 
  • Along the way, the many music videos and stories showcase an even broader range of pre-reading skills.  This includes: 
• Understanding basic features of print
• Associating letter names and shapes
• Recognizing and naming upper- and lower-case letters
• Recognizing spoken rhyming words
• Recognizing own name
• Engaging in literary experiences, including stories and poems
• Understanding new word meanings 
• Naming items in common categories
The full 13-episode season provides a thorough exploration of the pre-reading skills every child needs.  The more comfortable a child is with these concepts and skills, the better prepared he or she will be to step into reading with confidence and success.

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