Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Winter Hacks - 2015

We are on winter #3 and this winter I am begging neighbors for empty cartons b'cuz I wanna make this igloo - HERE

Dont get me wrong... I am sure mine will turn out nothing like that, but I am a light freak and I love rainbows. My major in college was Radio/TV productions with a concentration in Lighting and a minor in Marketing... look at me now. Sitting at my computer couponing... sigh. Just wait. When they are in school, I will light up this world!
Life Hacks That Will Get You Through This Winter 0 -

Never bust another car handle (het hem, Viva) in the snow!!! ForTheMommas has 19 more solutions and a bunch of fun tips HERE!

Buzzfeed has some fun ideas here...

More at WiseBread...

Looks like if you Google "Winter hacks" you will get a TON more sites, but most everything on there is being repeated and repeated :P

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