Friday, January 02, 2015

[Review] MeasuPro OX100 Instant Pulse Oximeter - $35
This might be the coolest gadget yet. I LOVE to test my blood pressure/pulse when I am at the grocery... but with kids, I find it hard. Heck, with kids going to the grocery is stressful. Now you can do that from home.

Check out the MeasuPro OX100 Instant Pulse Oximeter - $34.99 (Reg $119.99) That is 71% off!
  • The MeasuPro Instant Read Pulse Oximeter provides accurate information about your blood oxygen saturation levels and pulse rate.
  • The rotating easy to read screen makes measurements easily visible from many different angles. Features an OLED display.
  • To get a reading, simply place your fingertip inside the device. Has a comfortable, durable cushion while you take your measurements.
  • Designed to be small, compact, portable, and user friendly, includes an oximeter case for protection and neck lanyard so you can keep the device handy.
  • Powered by two AAA alkaline batteries and an easy access battery compartment. The device will automatically shut off after five seconds of inactivity.

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