Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Giveaway] Baby Butz Cream

Giveaway - Baby Butz Cream

I was asked to review a new diaper rash cream and then hold giveaway!  I love to do giveaways, maybe you will win!

So how is Baby Butz Cream different from regular diaper rash cream?

Baby Butz  Cream is 100% natural, contains a total of 4 ingredients and goes on smoother and creamier than other diaper rash creams.  The last rash cream we used came out of a tube really pasty and took a bit of effort and force to smooth is around.  This cream comes right out of the tub, smooth and ready for baby's sensitive booty. 

  • Baby Butz cream will Prevent, Soothe and Heal diaper rash.
  • Made from 100% natural ingredients and is 100% safe.
  • Meets the Gold Standard of Pediatricians.
  • Paraben & Gluten Free as well as Hyopallergenic.
  • No chemicals, No Alcohol and no Perfumes.

To ENTER the contest and win a tub for your baby, leave separate comments for each of the following:

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4. Tell me the name and age of the baby you will be using this on.

*You can enter 4 times!
**Giveaway ends 1/23/15 @5pm

Learn more: 
Baby Butz Blog
Baby Butz on Facebook
Baby Butz on Twitter
Baby Buts on YouTube

Interesting tidbit: Baby Butz was originally developed by Majda Ficko, the mother of a special needs child for the exclusive use with her son who suffered from diaper rash on a daily basis.

Disclaimer: I was given a 4oz tub to use. All opinions are 100% my own.


Melanie Fee said...

Love you via fb, thanks for the sweet chance! xx

BeaDandelion said...

While I know multiple people entered, Melanie was the only one to leave a comment. Congratulations Melanie Fee! You win.