Monday, December 29, 2014

House Party - Puppy Bowl XI

 Puppy Bowl Ruff vs. Fluff House Party House Party


*Out of all the applicants, 1,000 people will be selected to join the “Home Team” and will be the only ones to receive a Party Pack, containing one dog bowl, balloons, tattoos, koozies, TWIZZLERS® and more.

However, all applicants get an opportunity to become Tailgaters, have a party of their own and receive access to EXCLUSIVE downloadable content (You WON’T receive a physical Party Pack):
  • Game day recipes
  • Gridiron game ideas
  • Ruff vs. Fluff Sweepstakes
  • Puppy Bowl XI bios and lineup info
  • Puppy Bowl Fantasy Game
  • And more!
That’s right, EVERYONE who applies gets the opportunity to become a member of the “Tailgaters” (get it, ‘tail’gaters?) and can have their own party, but WILL NOT receive a physical Party Pack.

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