Wednesday, November 19, 2014

*URGENT* Walmart Updated their Price Match again
Lots of us couponers worried about Walmart being taken advantage of and shelves being wiped clear by people who were price matching Walmart to the 3rd party penny sellers of Amazon. You know the ones, for a penny and astronomical shiping they have average priced deals. But with Walmart accepting ANY price matching, they were getting scammed by unethical practices. That helps no one... AND will lead to high prices in the future.

After many of us trying to warn Walmart and inform them of the risk, they have put out this statement:
“We launched online price matching because it’s the right thing for our customers. It’s making a meaningful difference for people who want to feel confident they’re getting great prices, and we’re committed to matching online prices going forward.
“At the same time, we can’t tolerate fraud or attempts to trick our cashiers. This kind of activity is unfair to the millions of customers who count on us every day for honest value. With this in mind, we’ve updated our policy to clarify that we will match prices from and 30 major online retailers, but we won’t honor prices from marketplace vendors, third-party sellers, auction sites or sites requiring memberships.
“We will continue to listen to feedback from our customers and our cashiers to make sure our online price match policy is working. Customers with questions can read the updated policy by searching ‘online price match’ at”
Thanks to Paul for sharing this with us! Couponers, carry on!

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