Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Clapper... yes!

This still exists!!!
The Clapper Sound Activated Switch - $26.29 SHIPPED FREE (reg $45.64)
For the person who has everything or you cant think of what to get for them. This is amazing.
  • Control 1 or 2 things at the same time by simply clapping your hands.
  • Great for lamps and Christmas tree lights! CLAP ON, CLAP OFF
  • 2 CLAPS/3 CLAPS SETTING: connect to the 2 or 3 clap outlet, then activate each one with 2 or 3 claps respectively.
  • Features Clap Detection Lights: Lights glow in sequence when proper claps are detected. Indicator lights glow when a connected appliance is clapped off.
  • Home/Away Switch: Adjust for softer or louder claps. In AWAY setting, connected appliances will turn on with the detection of any sound.

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