Monday, November 10, 2014

Life caught up with us...
*UPDATE* 4 hours later the fever was gone for good and never returned! We wiped it out in less than 28 hours!

Sorry for so few deals the past 2 days. My daughter decided to have a fever. Turns out it is a virus and we are fighting it with our dōTERRA oils.

She is getting Peppermint on her forehead from temple to temple. 
Basil and Grapefruit around her ears for pressure (and we thought it was an ear infection.)
Breathe with Cardamom on her chest and Cardamom along her spine.
Oregano and On Guard on her feet and the rest of ours too to strengthen immunity, overall.

We do these oils, her fever comes down for 2 hours then spikes again. Then I do the oils again, and then it spikes at 102 again. So now I am doing these oils every single half hour and hitting it hard in hopes of wiping it out by Wednesday when extra kids show up!

If you are interested in knowing more about these oils or even attending future webinars, leave me a comment or email me! Beadandelion at gmail dot com

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