Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Kikkoman - Soy Sauce and Cornish Hens

I love Kikkoman Soy Sauce! We use it every single week in chicken recipes, used to be every single day! We not use the light version because we DO use it so often!We also find the best prices for it at Walmart! And I have tried the generic... its not the same thing. I find the alternatives taste like the way dog food smells. It's one of those items you cant substitute. Ever.

If  you are cooking a Cornish Hen instead of a turkey this week:
Interesting facts about Cornish:
- Cornish can be split down the backbone and cooked on the grill
- Fun for kids (that are old enough to handle bones)
- Great for any occasion
- Whole Cornish cooks well in the oven on a vertical roaster
- Giblets are removed prior to packaging, this eases preparation
- Great for stuffing
- Great substitute for Turkey at Holiday season
Insight questions we might want to ask the bloggers, for example:
- Was the product easy to find at Walmart?
- How easy did you find it to prepare?
- How did you prepare it?
- Is this something you would cook on a holiday, or even weeknight or reserve for the weekend? (everyday use or reserve for a special occasion?)
- Did your kids eat it? Did they enjoy it? What was their favorite part?
- How do you usually prepare Cornish when cooking it?
- Soy Sauce is one of the world’s oldest condiments
- Kikkoman began importing Soy Sauce in the 1800’s
- Kikkoman is a flavoring and flavor-enhancing ingredient for many types of foods
- In 1972 Kikkoman opened a plant in Wisconsin to start brewing Soy Sauce in the US
- Kikkoman is the best selling and most widely recognized soy sauce in the US
- Soy sauce is versatile and can be used as a flavor enhancer, sauce, marinade base or table-top condiment
What is your favorite way to use Kikkoman?

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