Monday, November 24, 2014

CVS - My Trip Today - Roll those Extra Care Bucks!

I have twice been to CVS this month to do the $10 ECB wyb $30 in select P&G products. So I bought 4 packs Pull Ups and after coupons my total was $22 and I got back a $10 ECB. Making each pack $3 which is in general my stockpile price.
I went twice bc I thought the deal had reset. It was actually a month long promo. So the second time I used my husbands loyalty card. So I had $10ECBs for each card.

This week there are a bajillion freebies at CVS. ForTheMommas has an amazing list RIGHT HERE that I used.
When you "roll" the ECB, you are getting free stuff and getting new ECBs with a later date... I was in a rush, and did 4 transactions or I would have planned better and not paid anything. I ended up paying $2.02 for one of the transactions. The Tricalm are $9.99 and you get a $9.99 ECB back. So I did those first, and then did equal transactions with each card after that.

In total, I have $19.56 in ECBs to spend in the next 2 weeks and I only paid $2 out of pocket!

*I know there is a lot of junk up there. My husband loves candy and I rarely let him buy any. The CVS Training pants will be used by my daughter, the liners and headache stuff will be donated. Not a bad way to roll my ECBs :)

If you would like to be featured as a "Reader Trip" Please email me your pictures to BeaDandelion at gmail dot com. I love to see what you save!!


Raja Shekhar said...

Today the two employees working at CVS told me to not worry about the expiry date on the ECB's. He said we will accept them upto three years but you have to hold on to the original printed ECB.
Ask at your store. If they also say the same you dont have to rush to roll them.

BeaDandelion said...

pretty sure that is incorrect... But I will contact corporate