Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Click my links, please

So... whats the deal?
Last time I posted this, I included my adorable kids HERE

Just wanted to throw this out there. I do that every now and then.

I use affiliate links, it is no secret. 90% of all bloggers do. Doesnt cost you a thing!!! It just helps the companies track who is sending them their business.

I stay home all day with my 2 kids and post these deals to you. Sometimes it only takes CLICKING on an affiliate link of mine to bring in up to $1. It's not much, but there are 20,000 readers lurking around here and I would drop dead if all of you clicked a link or two once a week. 

I will never post spam! If you have any concerns or issues with anything I post, hit the comment link. That comment is sent to my email which remains open all day! I will respond.

Thank you so much for supporting me and my blog and helping our family so that I can stay home and raise these two little Blessings!   

Today I am just quoting Lauren and Tiffany:

I want to share with you guys something that I have been not sure how to deal with, and might be confusing for you.

I do not post about cash back sites. There are 2 reasons.

1. I have seen MANY readers through out the years NOT get what they are told they will get.

2. When you shop through my links, which is free for you, I earn a SMALL commission, sometimes as little as 1%. This commission pays for me to run my site which is as much as $1,000 a month, pay the Women who help me (while their kids are napping) and pay me to work on this site, for sometimes as much as 18 hours a day bringing you deals .

When you shop through the cash back sites you are putting that commission/money into THEIR pockets when they did NONE of the work. Ebates etc. doesn't show you the deals, or spend hours putting together scenarios, or even always pay you what they say they will. They hope you see the deals on our sites, because of our hard work, then use them to buy the item and give them the money.
I want you to understand why I don't promote them. I have a responsibility to you, to bring you the best deals, and I passionately want you to save money. But, I am also responsible to my family and to the ladies who count on me for a job. I hope that you can understand this, and I appreciate your support. Thank you!!

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