Wednesday, November 26, 2014

CBR - $800 off Cord Blood banking

On Monday, December 1, the first 500 people who enroll will receive $600 off cord blood banking, and $800 off cord blood and tissue banking.

Have expecting friends call 1.800.588.6377 and mention code BEST.

Make the decision to save your child's newborn stem cells with CBR®

I did. Easiest decision ever. And I only did it with my first child, but the likelihood that it would match my second child is high, the liklihood it would match me or my husband is slightly less and then it tapers off from there down the family blood line. It has been used before for aunts, uncles and grandparents, so it is not impossible to use it for other family members.

The likelihood that a member of your family will need a stem cell transplant is 1 in 217 for an individual (by age 70) using his or her own stem cells or someone else's.

Help reach more families who could potentially benefit from stem cell storage. Refer your friends or family through this link and you'll BOTH receive a free year of storage - a value of up to $260.

If you know anyone expecting, send them this post by clicking on the little envelope at the bottom of this post! We will both save $260!

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