Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Braddock Free Store - Click and Share to help us raise $1000 #JohnsonvilleSponsors
I volunteer a few times a week for the Braddock (PA) Free Store 15104. It's a very simple concept: You donate what you don't want, We organize or hang it, Others take whatever they want or need.

I equate it to the Fishes and the Loaves. We start to get through what we think is the last bag to inspect and put out... and a car drives up loaded with clothes, toys, fresh produce, you-name-it. We jokingly tell everyone, "The only rule is you can't bring it back!" But they can. And the do!

I have been volunteering there over a year and I have watched the evolution of the needy. They now come and help out just as much as they come for reasons for their family! It's beautiful to see the community come together a few times a week.

The Braddock Free Store 15104 has teamed up with K.I.D.S. "Kids In Distressed Situations" to help fight poverty and tragedies. Each year the Free Store (FREE STORE... let that sink in) donates $5,000 cash to this organization! That is a lot of money for an organization that doesn't deal with cash!
I dont have much to donate other than my time and a few outgrown children's outfits, but suddenly I found PearUp! This site finds you a sponsor to PAY your non-profit real cash.

PearUp will pay up to $11 per person who clicks on a button that says "Support This Group" ... it costs you NOTHING!

Then if you want to go further and earn the group the full $11 (that each person can earn) you do a few social media clicks - you join, you "like", you respond, you visit their website, post a photo, subscribe, and then you rally your friends... and then you have earned the full amount of points. But doing ANY of those earns the Free Store real money!

BUT WE ONLY HAVE 8 MORE DAYS!!! Please go click a few buttons for us!

Thank you from the top to the bottom of my heart!!!

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for my post by Global Influence, per FTC guidelines. #JohnsonvilleSponsors


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about Pear with your readers. We really appreciate it! And you guys did phenomenal on your sponsorship, so awesome job, guys!

Warm Regards,

BeaDandelion said...

Thanks Kristen!!! Pearup is such a Blessing for us!