Saturday, March 31, 2012

Michael's - (extra) Coupons in Sunday's Paper

There are a ton of coupons in the Michael's ad this weekend, but they vary in usage dates so plan accordingly! Make sure to check the back page for the Bonus Coupon!
  • 50% off any ONE item - Sunday April 1 (10a-4p) ONLY
  • 20% off ENTIRE purchase (inc sales!!) - Sunday April 1 (4p-7p) ONLY
  • 40% off any ONE item - Monday April 2 - Thursday April 5
  • 50% off custom framing + 10% ADDITIONAL off entire custom framing order (Perfect time to get that long awaited picture framed!!)
  • 50% off any ONE regular price item - Friday April 6 ONLY
  • 30% off ENTIRE regular price purchase - Saturday April 7 ONLY
  • 25% off ENTIRE purchase of Wall & Tabletop frames, framed art & display cases (inc sales!!) - Sunday April 1 - Saturday April 7 (Bonus Coupon)
Dont forget to check out all the other sales going on in the store. Your best bet is to buy the sale items on Sunday with the 20% off between 4p-7p! And any other regularly priced items Sunday 10a-4p or Friday April 6. Scrap booking items are 40% off :)

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