Thursday, February 23, 2012

Winn Dixie Fuelperks! - Calculated AFTER coupons!

Bummer Dudes.
Here are the official guidelines for Fuelperks!:

fuelperks! are calculated after all restricted items, all store discounts, and all coupons (including manufacturer coupons) have been subtracted from the order. fuelperks! are not earned on tax-exempt or MSP-SRP reward cards. fuelperks! can only be earned in participating Winn-Dixie locations. fuelperks! may not be accumulated in some liquor locations – see store for details. fuelperks! can only be redeemed at participating fuel stations. 

So major couponers... are you still using fuelperks!? 

I have been asking for MONTHS if it is calculated before or after coupons... If you are saving 70%, you aren't getting the same fuelperks! that your neighbor is for buying the exact same things... even though the manufacturer is reimbursing them FULL value + $.08 per coupon.


mrumanmom said...

I only shop at Winn Dixie when there's a decent fuel perks item price. And that's maybe once a month, sometimes less. I've never noticed not getting the full amount of the fuel perks discount. And if you buy the Shell Station Gas Cards when Publix has their deal on them, you can make your savings go a little further.

Who Said Nothing In Life Is Free???? said...

I cant seem to reply to emails on my tablet... I have only done fuel perks when its like 5¢ wyb 2 products or things like that.. Are there ones based on amount spent???

BeaDandelion said...

this was directly copied from the email I got from the rep. I will ask her about that Amy.

And Mrumanmom - I have heard others do that too. Which does help make it a better deal