Thursday, April 22, 2010

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Make quick notes more useful

Sticky notes make jotting down quick notes a breeze. Of course, sticky notes are physical things. They go from useful to clutter in the blink of an eye. Putting quick notes on your computer is a better idea.

But where do you put them? You could enter or copy and paste text into Notepad. But that means jumping between windows. It's just not convenient. You need a note system that's fast and easy. But it should also hide itself when not being used.

But where would you find such a system? OrangeNote to the rescue! This program runs in the background. So, it won't get in your way. You can bring it up with a simple keyboard shortcut. Type a quick note and close it. All notes are automatically saved. Search for past notes with ease.

You can also use OrangeNote as a permanent clipboard. Put regularly used text into a note. It could be something like your address or contact information. Then give that note it's own shortcut keystroke. Use that keystroke to paste the text into any other program.

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Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Download HERE

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