Thursday, April 08, 2010

Kim Komando - Daily Download

A better way to control open windows

Computers have turned us all into multitasking masters. OK, maybe not. But you're probably running multiple programs at once. You're browsing the Web while crafting a presentation. You're playing solitaire while talking on Skype.

All of these programs run in separate windows. With enough open windows, things get messy. You have to hunt the window you want to use. You have to grab tiny handles to resize windows. They're just a pain to manage.

SecondShell offers a better way. It lets you control window sizing with your keyboard. You can maximize and minimize windows with ease. You can also stretch windows vertically or horizontally. You can organize windows however you want.

You can also resize windows without clicking on tiny handles. Press Alt and right-click anywhere inside a window. Then just drag your mouse to resize the window. That's it. You can also put SecondShell on a thumb drive. You can use it on any PC.

Cost: Free
System: Windows XP, Vista and 7
Download HERE

Disclaimer: Kim Komando does not pay me to post anything. I just think the world of her and hope that others will look into her site and info. She is the Digital Goddess!

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