Saturday, April 10, 2010

House Party - Fresh Taste Of Summer

  Wow there are a lot of these popping up! I have already been picked for 1!

Dip into some summer fun…and taste the difference!
Host a Fresh Taste of Summer House Party!
Sponsored by Jarden Home Brands

Do you like getting creative in the kitchen? Are you a fresh food lover? Well, this party is for you! Combine the garden flavors of freshly made salsa and pepper jelly with the creative flair of canning in the kitchen, and you’ve got the recipe for a smokin’ hot Fresh Taste of Summer House Party!
If selected to host this salsa soiree, you’ll invite your friends over on June 5th to try their hands at canning, with the help of fun kitchen gadgets, step-by-step videos and other goodies provided by Jarden Home Brands. Everyone will have the opportunity to turn fresh, local produce into culinary masterpieces and preserve them — without preservatives — to enjoy whenever. Showing your stuff in the kitchen never tasted this good!
As a host, you’ll not only get a generous, free party pack with the essentials to get creative and start canning in the kitchen, you’ll get bragging rights as the trend setter for showing friends and family this hot kitchen activity.
Space is limited — sign up now!


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